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Sweet little kitten pines for owner in thought-provoking viral video

kitten pines for owner
(Image credit: TikTok / @ashleighleyla )

Once upon a time, we would wonder about exactly what our cats got up to while we were away at work. Now, thanks to advances in technology, we have cameras that we can leave at home all day to find out exactly what they’re doing.

However, as you’ll see from this video, there are instances where we might not like the answers we see. In this case, you could very well be guilt-tripped into becoming a permanent home worker (if you weren’t already, of course). 

TikTok user @ashleighleyla decided to leave a camera by the door while she was out to see what her kitten was doing. Turns out that the answer was seemingly missing her owner. 


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Rather than settling down to sleep, like we’d expect most cats to do in that situation (if they even noticed that we were gone), the kitten instead wanders around looking lost, mewing for her owner.

She wanders around a lot, but keeps returning to the door throughout the course of the video. 

Writing in the caption, the kitten's owner said: "I can confirm I never want to leave her again. That cry... she just sits and waits."

The video has since been watched over 360,000 times, with many expressing similar devastation at the kitten’s saddened behavior.

Traditionally, dogs are often thought of as being highly emotive, while cats are seen as 'aloof' or happy to nonchalantly lie around all day. As this video shows, popular perceptions are not always correct.

While it’s not always possible to physically be with your cat all day, there are still things that you can do to make any time spent alone easier. Why not check out our list of the best kitten toys? Or our buying guide to the best interactive cat toys

You’ll never be able to stop them missing you, but you can always come up with some helpful distractions.

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