Heroic dog pushes car to safety on flooded street

dog pushes car down flooded street
(Image credit: Facebook / Lori Gillies)

Sadly, floods and various forms of extreme weather have become an increasingly common phenomenon at the moment. Happily, in this instance, a heroic dog was on hand to help.

When a car in Glasgow, Scotland got submerged in some water, passerby Lori Gillies stopped by to help, immediately wading in to start pushing the car, which had two women inside, out of the water.

But she wasn’t alone; her dog, a Springer Spaniel named Puck, soon joined in, first providing moral support by paddling alongside, before ultimately joining her in pushing the car along.

Eventually, the car was pushed to safety, and Lori and Puck’s work was done, as you can see from the video, posted on Facebook by Lori:

All this was accompanied by commentary from a local man, Davie Keel, who encouraged the pair with his witty remarks including, "The dog's pushing it and all now. Brilliant” and "Aww yes, what a dog man. Look at that.”

Speaking to the Daily Record, Gillies said, "Puck and I were out on our usual walk and there was a car that was stuck in the water. There were two women inside and I went down to give them a hand.

“Puck was just swimming next to me and I took my phone out to video him and then he started pushing it.

“Once the handbrake was off it was just a quick push or two and then it started rolling.”

What a good dog. Gillies then revealed that Puck’s reward when they got home was a meat and gravy dinner, accompanied by some biscuits. Can’t say fairer than that.

As you would expect, this video has already become a hit with Facebook users, with many commenting on Puck’s heroism and all-round brilliance - Lori gets some credit too, by the way.

Have you seen any other videos of heroic pets? Please let us know!

Steve Wright

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