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Dogs with boots on running through snow
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As pet parents, it can be easy to forget sometimes that our furry friend's feet are as sensitive as ours. Just like us, dogs feel the cold and heat, which is why protecting their paws from the elements is so important. Thankfully, there are a ton of durable and stylish foot covers on the market that can make bounding across the hot sand to reach the surf or sloshing through the snow, that much more enjoyable.

Top pick

Dog boots

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QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes

Protect your dog’s dainties with these tough boots

These high-quality shoes feature an extended design with a wide split-seam top opening, which makes it easy to quickly get your dog's paws in and out. The two adjustable velcro straps provide a secure fit and are reflective to keep your pooch safe at night. With a tough anti-slip sole, these shoes offer great stability and traction and are particularly good at protecting paws on hot pavement. Fashionable and rugged with a cute paw embroidered on the outside, the boots are hand washable and fit comfortably.

Budget buy

Dog boots

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EXPAWLORER Waterproof Dog Boots

Cover your furkid’s feet with these inexpensive boots

The reflective material and skid-resistant design ensure your dog is safe at all times, and the waterproof material keeps paws dry. With a flexible design and grooved soles, your dog has better control while walking, and the hook and loop fastener straps make these boots easy to put on. The ergonomic design offers maximum comfort, and they’re hand-washable for easy cleaning. One of the best value shoes on the market, these boots are bound to be a winner with both your bank balance and your furry friend.

Great for all weather

Dog boots

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Bark Brite Neoprene Paw Protectors

Extreme weather is no match for these shoes

Rain, hail or shine, these boots will protect your dog’s paws while walking anywhere from snow-covered sidewalks to the swelteringly hot sand. Featuring a durable rubber sole with tread, these boots are both water and puncture resistant. The breathable neoprene material conforms to your dog’s natural paw shape and will not inhibit natural paw movement. Great for indoor and outdoor activities, they will keep your dog’s paws clean, dry, and safe, providing protection from heat, cold, and sharp objects. Reflective strips ensure your dog is visible at all times, and the insides are lightly lined.

Best for hiking

Dog boots

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RUFFWEAR Grip Tex Outdoor Dog Boots

Tackle any terrain with these trail-ready boots

Available in three sporty colors, these durable boots are ideal for outdoor adventures including hiking and trail running. The rugged Vibram soles make these boots one of the best on the market, offering great traction and flexibility on any terrain. Featuring breathable woven air mesh, these shoes keep dirt and debris out while staying well ventilated and comfortable for all-day wear. The hook and loop system provides a secure fit, and the reflective trim offers outstanding visibility for those dawn or dusk adventures.

Best breathable foot covers

Dog boots

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Xanday Mesh Dog Shoes

Keep your furkid’s feet feeling fresh

If you and your dog are often out running or walking for long periods, then these boots will help keep your canine companion’s paws cool. Made from breathable sandwich netting, they allow plenty of air to circulate ensuring the shoes stay well ventilated. The wear-resistant soles protect pads from thorns and hot pavements. Light and soft to touch, the eye-catching design can be sported in three colors, and they’re hand washable.

Best for visibility

Dog boots

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XSY&G Waterproof Dog Boots with Reflective Velcro

Great boots for making your mutt unmissable

With plenty of reflective stitching on the straps, these boots will ensure your dog never goes unnoticed and are perfect if you frequently walk in the dark. Made from high-quality and durable fabric, these shoes are wear-resistant and endure dirt and mud well. There’s plenty of stability and traction with the anti-slip soles, making them great for both solid surfaces and sand. Soft and breathable, they offer protection from stones and glass, as well as heat and cold. Available in a range of sizes, they’ll fit all breeds of dog.

How to choose the best dog foot covers

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If you’ve ever run yelping across hot sand or stepped barefoot on cold, wet ground, then you know how sensitive our feet can be. A dog’s paws are no different, which is why protecting them with good quality foot covers can help to keep them more comfortable. Our top recommendation is QUMY Dog Boots Waterproof Shoes, which feature tough anti-slip soles that provide great stability and traction. For all weather conditions, the Bark Bite Neoprene Paw Protectors are water and puncture-resistant and offer great protection in extreme heat and cold.

If you and your furry friend can’t get enough of trail running or hiking, then we love the RUFFWEAR Grip Tex Outdoor Dog Boots with Vibram soles that can tackle any terrain. And for great ventilation and air circulation, the Xanday Mesh Dog Shoes are a comfortable option to keep your dog’s feet fresh.


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