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Dog in dog suit
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A dog suit is not a smart two or three-piece affair, but a more practical everyday suit. These come in different guises, but most typically recovery suits and snowsuits. Recovery suits are mostly used to protect wounds, stop your dog from ripping off a bandage, scratching an itchy skin patch, and help with incontinence. Snowsuits are a little more self-explanatory: They keep your dog warm and happy in the coldest of conditions. Here we have put together a selection of the best of both worlds to help you choose the right one for you.

Top pick

Dog in dog suit

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Dog Recovery Suit Abdominal Wound Protector

Stop your dog licking its wounds with this stylish suit

Does your dog have a wound that it just can’t leave alone? If it does this suit will need help to make sure it heals properly. This dog recovery suit is made of high-elastic fabric consisting of 95% cotton and 5% Spandex. This means it can stretch, but without easily deforming, and offers extra comfort for your dog. The suit is available in three colors: There is a smart blue stripe design, a plain grey version or a grey camo version for something a bit more exciting. 

Best recovery suit

Dog in dog suit

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Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs

Lightweight stretch fabric dog suit offering plenty of protection

Dogs are self-groomers and like to look after themselves, but sometimes this is to their own detriment. As an example, if a dog is wearing a bandage it will probably try to take it off. The Suitical recovery suit is made from lightweight and breathable four-way stretch fabric and offers almost complete body protection. It is designed so that you can keep the suit on for as long as needed including taking your dog for a walk. It is available in a wide variety of sizes and suitable for small, medium, and large breeds.

Best dog onesie suit

Dog in dog suit

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Shed Defender Original Dog Onesie

An eco-friendly dog onesie to keep your dog clean

Not quite the same as a dog suit but very similar. This Shed Defender Original Dog Onesie is like an all-body dog suit but with legs that reach right down to your dog’s paws. The onesie is made from a proprietary fabric called Shed-Tex, which is recycled polyester and spandex. It is lightweight, breathable, and stretchy, ensuring your dog stays cool and comfortable. Plus, it offers great protection against ticks and fleas, and helps keep your dog clean when outside.

Fully adjustable suit

Dog in dog suit

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Heywean Dog Surgical Recovery Suit

Easy to put on and adjust recovery suit to ensure a great fit

Dog recovery suits are generally quite similar, but this suit from Heywean is slightly different. It has a high-elastic cotton/spandex mix fabric giving free movement to your dog. Plus, it has a zipper design which makes it easy to put on and take off. To help ensure that you get the perfect fit for your furry friend it has adjustable drawstrings around the neckline and at the waist. You can get it in camouflage, grey, dark grey, or a bright blue/green.

Small dog special

Dog in dog suit

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SELMAI Small Dog Apparel Airman Fleece Winter Coat Snowsuit

Keep your pet pooch warm and dry in this airman style suit

This a dog snowsuit that brings with it substance and style. It is designed for small dog breeds - Chihuahua, Poodle, Cup Poodle, Pomeranian, and so on - and to look like an airman. There is no doubt that it has a touch of the Top Gun about it. Check out the pockets and sew-on aircrew badges! If the blue outfit isn’t to your liking you can get your hands on a grey suit or if you need to be seen a bright orange one.

Top snowsuit

Dog in dog suit

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MUYAOPET Snowsuit for Dog

A three-layer suit for snow to keep your dog warm and dry

When it snows you know it's going to be cold and wet outside, so what about your dog when you need to take it for a walk? It will need a nice snowsuit to help keep them warm and dry. The Muyaopet comes with a thick fleece inside lining and waterproof nylon outer to help achieve both. The collar comes with a fur lining and the legs have elasticated bottoms to help keep the suit as snug as possible.

Which dog suit do you need?

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Dog suits typically come in a couple of guises. There is the recovery suit/onesie that helps keep your dog from licking wounds, ripping off bandages, continually scratching a rash, or even containing the hair of a dog that is shedding. The other option is a snowsuit that keeps your dog warm and dry when outside in the cold and snow.

If you are on the lookout for a recovery suit then our top pick is the stylish Dog Recovery Suit Abdominal Wound Protector. It is made from lightweight and stretchy fabric and offers almost complete body protection. If you are looking for a snowsuit to keep your dog warm and dry, we have two offerings. The MUYAOPET Snowsuit for Dogs offers a nice snug fit and a thick inner lining for extra warmth. The SELMAI Small Dog Apparel Airman Fleece Winter Coat Snowsuit is similar but styled to look like an airman. Very Top Gun.


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