Best Hiking Gear for Dogs

Dog and owner hiking in the mountains
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Give your pooch the best possible hiking experience with specially designed gear that will make sure they stay visible, hydrated, and warm. Our favorite picks include nourishing paw protectants, shoes that can handle the rockiest of terrain, and water bottles that come with their own drinking bowls attached. Whatever your dog needs to stay safe and comfortable while enjoying the outdoors, you’ll find it here.

Top pick

Dog in harness

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Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

A robust and comfortable harness with reflective threads

There’s no chance of your dog not being spotted in this reflective harness that provides great visibility in poor weather and low light. Made from durable nylon and padded with soft cushion for comfort, the breathable mesh is weather-resistant and will keep your canine cool. Great for medium to large breeds, the no-pull and no-choke design features chest and back leash attachments, and can be adjusted for a secure fit. This is a premium quality harness that’s perfect for hiking trips, trail running or long walks.

Best paw protectant

Tin of dog paw wax

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Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax

Forms a breathable shield against heat, snow, and rocky terrain

This high-quality wax and oil blend conditions and protects your pet's paws so they can enjoy being active in any conditions. Forming an invisible boot and breathable shield, this formula soothes dry and cracked paws with nourishing Vitamin E and Beeswax. Semi-permeable, the wax allows perspiration to escape while keeping pads supple, strong, and protected. Fast-drying, non-allergenic, and non-staining, the balm absorbs in seconds and is non-toxic.

Best water dispenser

Pet water bottle

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Lesotc Pet Water Bottle

The perfect all-in-one rehydrating tool

With three bright and bold colors to choose from, this is one water bottle you’ll have a hard time losing. The unique design features a water bottle and water bowl in one, perfect for those long hiking trips. Press the water bottle, and the foldable water bowl will immediately fill with water, once your dog is done simply fold it down again, and you’re good to go. The all-in-one design features a sealed silicone gasket and waterproof lock to prevent leakage, and at just 0.3lbs, it’s light enough to carry all day. With an 18-ounce capacity, it’s great for small and medium breeds, and the BPA-free and recyclable materials make it a safe and non-toxic choice.

Best travel bowl

Collapsible dog bowl

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COMSUM Collapsible Dog Bowl

Folds down into a small disc for easy portability

Offering outstanding value, this multi-pack features two silicone bowls with a durable construction that will ensure they go the distance. Non-slip, they’re a great choice for the dog who likes to vigorously chow down at mealtimes, and the color-matching carabiners make these bowls a breeze to transport. Fix to your backpack or collapse and pop inside. These BPA-free bowls are safe and non-toxic, and each bowl holds 12 fluid ounces of water and 1.5 cups of food.

Best water-resistant jacket

Dog jacket

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Kurgo Dog Jacket

Keep your dog warm, dry and visible with this all-weather dog jacket

There’s zero chance of your dog not being spotted with a range of eye-popping reflective colors to choose from that will make sure they stay safe and dry at the same time. Reversible and adjustable, it’s great for keeping your dog warm, and the reflective piping offers great visibility, so you and your dog can hike safely at any time of the day or night. The athletic fit offers plenty of room for movement, and the ripstop material ensures this jacket provides your dog with years of wear. Wear with or without a harness.

Best hiking boots

Dog boots

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RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots

Unbeatable traction for a superior grip

These durable boots are ideal for outdoor adventures including hiking and trail running. Available in three sporty colors, the rugged Vibram soles make these boots one of the best on the market, offering great traction and flexibility on any terrain. Featuring breathable woven air mesh, these shoes keep dirt and debris out while staying well ventilated and comfortable for all-day wear. Great for trail running or hiking, the hook and loop system provides a secure fit, and the reflective trim offers outstanding visibility for those dawn or dusk adventures.

How to choose the best hiking gear for dogs

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Just like their pet parents, dogs need specific hiking gear that will help keep them safe and make all that active adventuring comfortable. Our favorite piece of hiking kit is the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness, super-comfortable while also being strong and durable, it features reflective strips to ensure your furkid is visible at all times. When it comes to protecting their paws from the elements, the best weapon to have in your arsenal is Musher’s Secret Dog Paw Wax that forms a breathable shield and is great for soothing dry and cracked pads.

For a water bottle that comes with its own water bowl, we’re loving the Lesotc Pet Water Bottle. The all-in-one design is lightweight and provides enough fluid for small to medium dogs. And when it comes to footwear, RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Outdoor Dog Boots with their Vibram soles are unbeatable for trail hiking and running.


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