6ft Mastiff deemed too big gets a seven-acre home after a life spent in rescue centers

6ft Mastiff Basher
(Image credit: Facebook / Rspca Cornwall Branch)

A 6ft Mastiff dog has finally found his forever home after years living in rescue centers due to his massive size.

Basher weighs in at a humongous 60kg and is 6ft tall when standing on his hind legs. Originally rescued as a small stray in 2020, the now two-year-old pup quickly grew to his impressive size. 

It was for this reason that Basher had spent years living in rescue centers, as he struggled to find a loving owner and home.

Not only did the 6ft Mastiff need a loving environment, but also strong and capable pet parents that could manage his 60kg weight. 

In fact, the RSPCA Cornwall Kennels in the UK went to great lengths to prepare an outside kennel/annex that would be best for Basher in a new home.

That way, his new adopters can do ‘steady and gradual introductions to a home and family environment’.

The pooch had previously been adopted last November, however, this was short-lived as the owners had struggled with his gigantic size. 

Despite his size though, he has been described as "one of the most handsome, loving dogs there is" who "can get a bit excited when he sees birds" and "loves a good cuddle and a good fuss".

However, Basher’s luck all changed in September 2022, when a loving owner visited the centre and decided to adopt him. 

The RSPCA Cornwall kennels tweeted, “We said the fondest of farewells to our big boy Basher recently as he's set off for his new home. We're so grateful to Basher's owner for taking him on, we know you'll be so happy together."

His forever home now has seven acres to play in and he has "lots of dog friends". We’re glad that Basher finally has his ‘happily ever after’ ending he deserves.

Cynthia Lawrence

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