Watch as this Cane Corso defends against home invasion in simulated video

Cane Corso defends against home invasion
(Image credit: Jason Corey/YouTube)

It’s not every day you get to watch as a Cane Corso defends against a home invasion, but thanks to this simulated video, you can now see exactly how quickly this breed is capable of jumping into protection mode.

Jason Corey and his wife Kara are the proud parents to Bruce Wayne, a usually gentle giant who video footage reveals is quick to jump to attention when he perceives a threat to Kara’s safety.

The clip shows Kara sat on the couch scrolling through social media with a docile Bruce Wayne resting his head on her legs. All of a sudden, the canine senses Jason (dressed in disguise and armed with a snow shovel) approaching from outside and rushes to the window where he begins barking aggressively.

“The purpose of this whole entire video was that I wanted to see how Bruce would react in a scenario where he had to protect myself or my wife,” Jason explains. “He basically reacted exactly how I thought he would.”

Setting up two cameras, Jason was able to capture the moment Bruce Wayne sensed his presence and how quickly he sprung into action to protect Kara. “He quickly knows something is happening. You can see his mouth start to tighten up and his ears start to  move a little bit.”

Jason says he has no idea how Bruce Wayne sensed that something was about to happen given the dog couldn’t see or hear him at the point he started to react. He also noticed how closely the dog stuck to his wife.

“He pretty much, for the most part, would not let her in front of him. If she backed up, he’d back up and a lot of the times he made sure his butt was touching her. I’m guessing that’s because he wanted to know where she was so he could protect her.”

Admitting that neither he nor Bruce Wayne have any training in protection work, Jason explains in the clip that the simulated scenario was set up to help him understand how his dog would react in a situation where his family were under threat.

“I have zero protection dog training knowledge. This is all just going off a Cane Corso’s natural instincts to guard. I would love to work with someone on protection work with him, I just think it would be a great bonding experience with Bruce and I and Bruce and Kara and it would give him a job to do, that’s what they do, they’re a guardian breed.”

To see more from Jason and Bruce Wayne, you can check out their YouTube channel or follow their adventures on Instagram.

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