Adorable moment cat massages his fellow feline friend goes viral

cat massage video
(Image credit: TikTok / @Petassembly)

You think you may have seen it all before but a clip of a relaxing cat massage is taking TikTok by storm!

Shared by an account called @Petassembly (Pet008), the video shows a pair of tabby cats that - for the most part - seem fairly oblivious to the world around them. 

One of the felines can be seen laying flat out on its side on the floor whilst the other is sat upright, over the top of the super chilled moggy, massaging back and forth with their front paws. And it’s not just clawing and hoping for the best either!


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The master masseuse is clearly concentrating on what it’s doing as it looks to be showing off their skills by moving its paws in a circular motion across the recipient’s body. It’s no wonder they’ve got their eyes shut - they must be in heavenly bliss!

Captioned with the hashtags #cutecat #catsoftiktok #pets, this short clip has managed to attract an incredible 19 million views.

And, if the video wasn’t entertaining enough, the comments TikTok users have left are pure gold!

After watching the adorable clip, Ur cutie said that they “want this kind of relationship.”

With Seher Asif adding the famous phrase: “Happy wife, happy life.”

But then there were comments that viewed the clip in a completely different (and hilarious) way: “What if the other cat’s dead and he’s trying to play off the murder by being cute?” said @haileymckinnonart.

Another TikTok user, called Yoboijr12, excitedly added: “I thought the cat was doing the moonwalk on the other cat at first!!!”

However you interpret the video clip, you can’t deny that cats are pretty awesome!

Chloe Petrylak

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