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Cyber Monday dog food deal: Grab a month’s worth of dog food for just £5!

Cyber monday dog food deal
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Make sure the cupboard is never bare when your best friend is hungry with this fantastic Cyber Monday dog food deal from Wowcher and (opens in new tab). For just £5 you can bag a whole month’s worth of top quality, dry dog food featuring a unique kibble recipe tailored just for your dog.

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One month of dog food for just £5 (opens in new tab)

Get one month's worth of dog food from delivered straight to your door. The food is custom made for your dog and features just the right mix of meat, vegetables and minerals.

Provide some information about your faithful friend and will create a dry food with the perfect amount of meat, vegetables and minerals with zero additives, then deliver it straight to your door. Their vets and nutritionists choose each ingredient for the specific nutrients it provides, ensuring your dog’s individual nutritional needs are perfectly catered for. Health benefits of this tailored diet plan are numerous and include improved digestion, stronger teeth, and glossier coat.

After  purchasing you will be automatically signed up to a monthly subscription after the first month. Price will be determined by your dog's tailored plan and can be cancelled any time.

Don’t miss out as the deal will only last for the rest of the day!

Dave Harfield
Dave Harfield

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