Fall-obsessed dog jumping into leaves is the best thing you’ll see today

dog jumping into leaves
(Image credit: Facebook / dognamedstella)

If you've been dreaming of cardigan season and pumpkin spice lattes since mid-summer, then this fall-obsessed dog who loves jumping into leaves might just be your spiritual animal. 

Turns out it's not just us humans who find fall so enthralling, one pup known simply as Dog Named Stella to her fans seems to get just as excited for spooky season as we do, and she’s understandably gone viral for her fall-loving antics.

Stella, a Golden Labrador, is cuckoo for crispy piles of autumn leaves. And while her behavior isn’t unheard of for a lab, she takes it to a whole new level, jumping in the biggest piles of dead foliage you’ve ever seen – earning her the title “Queen of Leaves”. 

Equipped with a go-pro, you can see her little tail wagging with excitement to make a giant leap into a fresh pile of dead leaves.


♬ Gettin' By, High and Strange - Kris Kristofferson

Her jumps into said piles are nothing short of impressive, although she does have some prior training, eagerly awaiting the turn of the season every year to complete her favorite hobby:

While she certainly holds the gold medal for jumping into leaves at home, Stella has also competed in professional jumping competitions with Dock Dogs, the word’s premier canine aquatics organization, based in Ohio. 

Check her out leaping into the water below:

But Stella doesn’t just love leaves because she can leap full force into them, she also enjoys hanging out in the piles of autumn fodder, camouflaging herself within them and subsequently looking eerily like a mid-autumn version of Dani from 2019 horror flick Midsommar. 


♬ Grandmas Boy How Can They See Me - dognamedstella

Naturally, the Internet is in love with Stella and she boasts over 362K followers on TikTok and her most popular YouTube video (below) has been viewed a whopping 151K times. 

Many of her fans wait all year round just to witness her exhilaration at the fall of the first leaves. Her latest video montage for the first day of fall has many TikTokers excited for fall – just for more Stella content!

BugGirl comments, “this was the best thing I've seen on TikTok in weeks”, while sandracat0826 says: “Me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you for all the time you put into this vid. Absolutely wonderful!”


♬ 1812 Overture: Finale - Fritz Reiner

Thank you for spreading so much joy at the end of Summer, Stella – it’s just what we needed!