Eight pets that travel the world

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If the challenges of 2020 have left you with a serious dose of cabin fever then these pets that travel the world are just the tonic you need. 

From the wilds of the Canadian Rockies and American backcountry to the lavender fields of France and the canals of Venice, these free-spirited and courageous intrepid travelers will warm your heart and fill you with all the inspiration you need to plan your own epic adventures. 

1. Miami

When he’s not living la dolce vita in his home country of Italy, this 8-year old Chihuahua is busy wracking up the miles with a passport full of stamps that would put even the most seasoned human traveler to shame. 

From New York and New Orleans to Paris and Vienna, this miniature mutt is living his best life and he has a wardrobe to prove it. Never one to shy away from a photo op, special occasions have Miami dressing to impress, donning everything from jumpers to waistcoats and even a bow tie. If you have a longing to see the world, then following this intrepid traveler is bound to give you plenty of inspiration. 

2. Herbee (hedgehog)

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We are utterly smitten with this adorable little dude, who has rightly earned himself the title of happiest hedgehog in the world. Never without a smile on his dial, it’s clear to see why he has close to 2 million followers on Instagram. 

Documenting his travels through Italy, Austria and Germany with his new bestie, Bengal kitty cat Audree, his pet parent Talitha Girnus believes that sweet Herbee is a reminder to us all to never lose faith in the magic and good of this world. 

3. Loki

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With a spirit that shines through his eyes, this husky, arctic wolf and malamute mix is the beloved companion of 34-year-old photographer Kelly Lund, who stumbled into the profession full-time after years spent snapping Loki in action garnered him a massive Instagram following.

Determined to give Loki more than a backyard life, the two adventurers regularly leave their home base in Colorado to snowboard and traverse the American backcountry. Their goal? To inspire others to get out, explore the world and make memories with their pets.

4. Suki

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Say hello to Suki, the wide-eyed wanderer who’s been winning hearts around the world thanks to her feisty and adventurous spirit. This sweet-natured 3-year old Bengal calls Alberta home but when she’s not traversing the Rocky Mountains she’s globe-trotting around some of the most beautiful locations on earth. 

With close to 2 million followers on Instagram, her magical and fairytale-like photos will give you serious wanderlust. Her pet parents say that traveling with this bold little Bengal has helped them to slow down and savor every moment.  

5. Frankie

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Diva Frankie is proof that being born to humble beginnings doesn’t mean you’re destined for a boring life. In fact, this galavanting goat has probably seen more of the United States than many of its human citizens. After raising their children, Cate and Chad Battles decided it was time for an adventure so in 2016 they sold their home, bought a vintage Airstream trailer and hit the road with Frankie and their dog Maggie.

When Frankie isn’t busy climbing the rocky landscapes across the country, chewing on foliage and visiting national parks, she loves curling up in the back of the trailer with her travel buddy Maggie.

6. Nala

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It was 2018 when burly and bearded Scotsman Dean Nicholson decided to quit his job as a welder to cycle around the world. Tired of the 9-to-5 grind that left him feeling listless and depleted, Nicholson cycled from Scotland to England before hopping a boat to the Netherlands and heading for the Balkans.

It was there, as he approached the Bosnia-Montenegro border, that a meowing kitten began to run alongside his bike. Abandoned by her owner, Nicholson took the feisty and loving little stray to the vet and after getting the all-clear he decided to fit his bike with a basket and take Nala along for the ride. Together the two are traversing the globe, learning about each other and the world they live in and helping other humans and animals along the way.

7. Christopher

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Move over Babe and Wilbur because there’s a new piggy on the block and he has his sights set on seeing as much of North America as he can. Christopher is a 160lb Montreal-based teacup pig on a mission to prove to everyone he meets just how emotionally intelligent pigs can be. And he has no plans on sitting on his rump to do it.

Traversing Canada and the United States, Christopher has seen it all from the bright lights of New York City and the lawns of Harvard University to the snowy scenes of Banff and Quebec and his parents have captured it all on an Instagram page that will give you some serious cuteness overload. When he’s not posing for photos or attending events, Christopher spends his time indulging in his two favorite pastimes, eating and sleeping.

8. Felix

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With more than 30 countries ticked off his bucket list, this bright-eyed fluff ball is all about adventure. Traveling through Europe with his parents Julia and Sven, Felix’s giant smile and infectious enthusiasm for everything he encounters is a reminder to us all to slow down, recharge, and savor the precious moments of life. 

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