Meet Nathan and Winnie, the beach cats from Australia who love to swim

It's a well-known fact that cats don't like water – most people would say they hate it. But Nathan and Winnie are two Australian beach cats determined to change your mind about cats and water. 

The two black cats are siblings by adoption, rescued from the RSPCA in Queensland, Australia. Their adventurous parents took them everywhere at a young age, and Nathan (who they adopted first) soon grew Instagram-famous on her account Nathan_TheBeachCat. Not too long ago, Nathan got a sister, Winnie, who also learned to love the water.

The two girls can often be seen wading through shallow, calm water on Australia's Gold Coast. Sometimes they even full on doggy (or kitty) paddle through deeper water, interacting with their parents who swim along with them. While they sometimes wear leashes, they often return when their mom or dad calls them (I wouldn't recommend this, as cats can run away quite quickly!). 

Nathan and Winnie aren't just incredibly special cats because they love water and other outdoor activities – they're also lucky to be enjoying a second chance at life. According to their official Facebook page, Nathan was found in a box abandoned on the side of the highway, while Winnie was also abandoned, but at a surf club at Nathan's favorite swimming beach. Good thing their mom and dad love to rescue, because it certainly seems like their life is going swimmingly now, huh?

Domestic cats are rarely exposed to water at a young age, which explains why they fear it. Being submerged in water can also weigh down their fur, making them feel very heavy, which could cause them to panic. I wouldn't suggest trying to introduce your cat to water without consulting your vet and a cat behaviorist first.

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