Rottweiler befriends tiny pumpkin and takes him everywhere in sweet viral video

Mondu the Rottweiler with his mini pumpkin
(Image credit: Instagram TikTok / @purebred_muttt)

In a video that’s guaranteed to give you a serious dose of the warm fuzzies, a Rottweiler has been filmed by his parents with his new best friend - a mini pumpkin that he takes with him wherever he goes.

“We thought he would eat or destroy it, but he just wants to hang out with it,” the TikTok caption reads as sweet footage shows Mondu, who is a Rottweiler-Labrador-German Shepherd cross, happily frolicking about with his orange buddy.

The 18 second clip, which has been viewed over 100,000 times since it was posted just over a week ago, has proved to be a hit with netizens who can’t get enough of Mondu’s blossoming relationship with the baby gourd. 


♬ Great Pumpkin Waltz - Vince Guaraldi Trio

“That’s just too cute! What a beautiful soul!! Thanks for sharing,” wrote one TikToker, while another added “Well now you gotta name it and give him a whole family.”

Others are using the video as inspiration, with one pet parent commenting “That's it. I’m buying my dog her own pumpkin.”

People have fallen in love with Mondu and his little jack-o’-lantern so much that they were delighted when just a few days later, his parents posted an update of the BFFs.


♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song - PeriTune

Captioned with the words “it might last the whole season,” Mondu can be seen happily throwing his little friend all around the living room and giving chase before gently gathering it in his mouth and lying down with it on the rug.

“I worry about his feelings when the pumpkin goes bad and it gets thrown away. You may need to start growing them so he always has a new one,” one user jokes with Mondu’s owner replying “I know. I didn’t think he would love it this much.”

Just a suggestion, but with Thanksgiving right around the corner, perhaps Mondu’s mini pumpkin could be replaced with a friend of the sweet potato persuasion? 

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