Patience, treats and this trainer’s simple tip will put a stop to your dog jumping up

Dog jumping up on woman while they walk in the forest
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No matter how much you love your dog or how much joy they bring to your life, there's likely one behavior you're not so keen on - and that's your fur friend jumping up on you or other people when you don't want them to.

Knowing how to stop a dog from jumping up is super important, but as with all problematic behaviors, nipping them in the bud early is crucial when it comes to preventing them escalating down the line.

Thankfully, expert trainer Amelia Steele has a clever tip she uses to prevent jumping up - and it's so easy. You can check out her Instagram video below or read on for everything you need to know to try Steele's tip at home.

"The easiest thing to do with jumping up is to create a routine where the same thing happens every single time you come in the house," Steele explains, using a real-life training session in her video to highlight what she means.

"The first thing I like to do when teaching them not to jump up is to show them that the rewards come away from the front door. So all I'm doing is walking in with a handful of treats and I'm immediately throwing food away from me, as far as I can into the room just to get him to keep all four feet on the floor and to show him that the good things come further away from me."

Steele says that after you've done a few repetitions of this, you then want to ask your dog to sit as they come back to you. "This just allows you to reinforce an alternate behavior and is much more effective than punishing them or telling them off for the jumping," she explains.

Just like learning how to calm a reactive dog or teach your pup any other new skill or behavior, putting a stop to jumping up takes time, patience and consistency. If you feel your canine companions would benefit from some extra help in this area, we recommend reaching out to a professional trainer for some 1:1 support.

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