Watch: This German Shepherd is best friends with a prairie dog!

Max, the German Shepherd enjoying a cuddle with his friend Prince the prairie dog
(Image credit: Future)

This cute little prairie dog, named Prince, has made the best of friends with a six-year-old pooch called Banksy.

The unconventional pair live in Fort Worth, Texas, with owners Taylor and Brad Williams, and their other canine 11-year-old Coco.

Since Coco prefers her quiet time away from the two best bud’s, she allows the pair to spend hours and hours playing together without interruption. 

And it just goes to show that friendships really do come in all shapes and sizes… as well as across species!

Even though there’s a huge difference in size, the tiny prairie dog (which isn’t actually a species of dog, despite the name) and the big German Shepherd can be seen snuggling, chilling out and playing gently together joyfully.

As previously mentioned, prairie dogs aren’t part of the canine family or even closely related. Instead, these adorable little mammals belong to the squirrel family, known as Scuiridae. This means that they are actually related to chipmunks, marmots, groundhogs, and woodchucks.

Found in central and western North America, it’s believed that they were given the ‘dog’ part of their name as a result of their call, which is said to sound like a dog barking!

Either way, Prince and Banksy have clearly managed to form an unbreakable and - as their owners say - an almost immediate bond with one another. 

Unlike the prairie dogs that live out in the wild, commonly in family groups known as coteries, Prince (clearly) couldn’t be happier snuggling up with Banksy and their owners in front of the TV every evening.

Prince has even flown on a plane twice across the US with his owner, Taylor, and can be seen snuggling up calmly in her bag whilst high up in the sky.

Not many other prairie dogs have reached such heights in their lifetime, that’s for sure!

Chloe Petrylak

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