TikToker shares the moment her cat was found safe inside a wall after bathroom renovation

cat was found safe inside a wall
(Image credit: TikTok / @giavannaaaa)

If you’ve ever had some building work done, you will be well aware that there are plenty of things that can go wrong. However, you probably don't expect to find your pet cat inside your wall after a bathroom renovation. 

Yet, that's exactly what happened to TikTok user @giavannaaaa, proving that where pets are involved, things can potentially get even more catastrophic. 

While having some building work done, the occupants made sure the builders had everything sealed up. However, after hearing a mewing noise, the caring cat parent quickly realized that her adventurous moggy was trapped inside the wall.


soooo my cat got stuck behind the wall when our tile went up today…. #fyp #foryou #catsoftiktok #cat #wtf

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In response to people’s enquiries as to how this happened, Giavanna replied: “Our house has been getting remodelled since July. There was nothing closing off the wall so he made a hiding spot out of it.”

While she promptly got her dad to cut a hole in the wall so her cat could escape, fortunately her furry pal clearly wasn’t too traumatized by the ordeal, taking over an hour to leave even after freedom had been provided. 

“He just stayed there while everything was getting done,” she reassured the social media platform.

It turned out that she was far from the only person to have had this happen to them, with the ordeal prompting many other TikTok users to share stories of where their own pets had done similar things.

"I had a cat that did this too!," wrote @tracilweinstein, "We just moved into a new apartment (not 30 minutes in!) and he found a small gap."

"Our cat got stuck in the porch roof once. I could only hear her. There's a small space in-between an upstairs closet and a wall above where the furnace is " commented @a.keiffer.

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