Startled looking cat licked back to health by neighborhood kitty

Fedya the startled looking cat being held up by his owner
(Image credit: Instagram)

There’s nothing we love more than an adorable story and this one of a startled looking cat getting licked back to health by the feline furkid next door has got us feeling all warm and fuzzy!

And it turns out we’re not the only ones. Rescue cat Fedya has become an Internet sensation after his mama Natalia Zhdanova started sharing pictures of the rescue kitty over on Instagram.

Zhdanova found Fedya in her backyard looking weak and sick when he was just a few days old and immediately noticed his misaligned eyes and wonky back legs.

Fedya had a permanently startled look on his face, but that didn’t stop Zhdanova, or the next door neighbor's cat Handsome, from falling head over heels in love with the little guy.

With the help of Handsome, who came over every day, Zhdanova began to nurse Fedya back to health. "He was very weak and was dying. Handsome cleaned and licked Fedya and became like a father figure to him," Zhdanova told SWNS. 

Slowly, Zhdanova started to notice an improvement in Fedya who began to grow and gain some strength, but his startled face stuck around and people all around the world are falling in love with his unusual expression.

"We're not sure if it's a genetic deformity or if he was dropped by his mum as a kitten,” Zhdanova says. Either way, Fedya isn’t letting his unique features hold him back. "Now he is much healthier. He is a very sweet, gentle, playful, and intelligent cat. He purrs very loudly.”

Fedya is now 21 months old and his friendship with Handsome continues to go from strength to strength. "He is inseparable with Handsome," Zhdanova said of the loyal feline who helped with Fedya's recovery. "They are the best of friends."

Kathryn Williams
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