Tired of your dog running off when it's time to go on the leash? This trainer shares three games that'll solve your problem

Woman holding leash while Golden Retriever runs through meadow
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If you're a dog owner, then you've likely had the experiencing of trying to get your dog back on their leash only to have them dodge you and run off at every turn - talk about frustrating! 

Sometimes, even the best dog treats aren't enough to capture our canine companions attention when they're frolicking about in a field, park or beach but thankfully, expert trainer Amelia Steele has a game changing solution.

In a video shared to Instagram, Steele shares three games you can play with your dog to make putting that leash back on quick, easy and fun. Check out the video below or keep reading as we reveal how to play each game.

1) The middle: "Stand with your feet apart and throw a treat back behind you," Steele explains. "As your dog comes forward, get a treat ready and feed them in between your feet. Throw the next treat forwards and repeat. This exercise is great because it puts your dog exactly in a position where you can hold onto their harness without reaching over their head."

2) Treat, clip, repeat: "For this next game, simply throw a treat to the floor, clip your dog's lead on, give them another treat and then unclip the lead and let them go again."

3) Hold, feed, release: "Practice holding onto their harness or collar and feeding. Simply grab hold, feed and let go again."

It's understandable that our pup's often don't want to have their leash put on - after all, life is way more enjoyable when you get to run free and sniff everything you want, when you want! But by helping your dog associate their leash with fun games and treats, they'll learn that their leash can actually extend the fun time they're having, rather than shorten it.

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