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Tractive Lte GPS Dog Tracker - only $31.99 in Amazon’s Black Friday sale

Tractive Lte GPS Dog Tracker BF
(Image credit: Tractive)

There’s almost a third off the price of a Tractive Lte GPS Dog Tracker at Amazon right now as part of their amazing Black Friday deals on pet supplies but you’ll need to hurry before they all go! 

We featured this model in our guide to the best pet trackers where it fared pretty well. Tractive’s update to their GPS tracker offers insights on everything from fitness and activity monitoring to location tracking should your faithful friend decide to ignore your cries and charge off through the bushes.

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Tractive LTE GPS Dog Tracker
| RRP: $49.99 | Now: $31.99 | Save: $18.00 (36%) at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The Tractive LTE GPS DOG tracker enables you to view your dog's location from anywhere, anytime. Track and monitor your furry friend in real time without any distance limit.

They’ve also managed to lose a few grams and no small amount of size from its previous incarnation, resulting in a much more discreet tracker all round. Although it might still look a little clunky on smaller dogs, larger dogs won’t really notice it at all.

Beyond aesthetics, the Tractive Lte offers full activity monitoring including calorie burning info and a geofence facility which will alert you to any attempts at escaping from your backyard, while the Live location tracking will help owners with dogs who struggle with recall or just plain run off.

The Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs is waterproof-rated to IP67 standard and looks like it can withstand a few hard knocks, the activation button is tucked out of the way to make it pretty much paw proof. Battery life is pretty good too and you’ll only need to charge it every two to five days. You’ll have to keep up with the subscription plan too, mind, and this isn’t super-cheap with the cost per month varying depending on how long you sign up for. So do keep that in mind when making the purchase, although in this case the big discount will pretty much cover it.

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