You can make delicious pet portrait cookies that look exactly like your furkid

pet portrait cookies
(Image credit: Cookillu / Etsy)

If you love whipping up a treat in your kitchen, then pet portrait cookies might just be the ultimate bake for any pet parent.

Whether you've got a quirky pooch or a model feline in your home, this creative cookie cutter will immortalise their best features in baked goods form.

If you've been thinking of adding a custom pet portrait to your home, why not bake it instead? Etsy sells a range of pet portrait cookie cutters that can be personalised to capture your pet's traits, including Cookilu who sells vibrant and funky cutters made from biodegradable plastic PLA. 

To create your own pet portrait cookie, simply send a photo of your furkid and choose the size. The seller will then produce the cutter based on a drawing and you can consult to get the perfect lookalike match to your real life furbaby.

 The cutter is then created using 3D printing and sent to you, perfect for providing to guests at your pet's next birthday party.

pet portrait cookies

(Image credit: Cookillu / Etsy)

Once you're ready to bake up a treat, just roll, cut and bake your dough. You might find de-flouring the cutter between each bake works best, and be sure to select the best dough that represents your pet's coloring. 

You can also use a toothpick to carve out any distinctive marks your furkid has on your pet portrait cookies, such as creating extra fluffy hair.

Whether you love baking yourself or know a pet lover who loves whipping up a good bake or two on a Sunday afternoon, it's the perfect way to while away the hours. 

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