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Flea trap
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Preventing your pets from catching fleas with special collars, pills, and sprays is often not enough: they can fester in areas all around the home. Since they are attracted to heat, especially your pet’s body heat, fleas can be tricked with light and warmth from trap devices and collected on sticky pads that work like fly paper. You can even go that extra mile and use sonic devices that put them off your home altogether saving any dirty work disposing of them after. There are a wide range of product types available and we have a round-up of the best buys below to help you say goodbye to those biting bugs.

Top pick

Box containing flea trap

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Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap

Pet and children-friendly flea trap

Fleas are attracted to heat and sweet odors, and this simple electric trap uses the warmth of a night lightbulb and a gentle scent to attract them from 30 feet away in all directions. With replacement bulbs and refill sticky pads available, this trap can last you for the lifetime of your pet. It’s also safe to use around both pets and children as it doesn’t use any harmful chemicals, just glue, to trap the bugs.

Best basic glue trap

Flea trap

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A budget-saving, non-toxic, and reliable glue trap

Doubling as a trap for both insects and mice, the Trapper Max comes with 12 peanut butter-scented glue boards that can be folded into a covered trap or used flat. Non-poisonous and containing a strong specially formulated glue, it holds and captures a range of pests. The trap is simple to use and set up - just peel the release paper away and you are ready to stop pests in their tracks. Literally.

Best permanent trap

Flea trap

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BioCare Indoor Flea Trap with Lightbulb and Sticky Capture Pad

A permanent flea trap offering three months of protection against heavy flea infestations

With this permanent flea catcher there’s no need for chemicals, pet pills, or collars. It contains a replaceable sticky pad which can catch up to 10,000 fleas for three months, so you know your precious pet will be bite free for a quarter of the year! Or continuously if you change the pad. The included night-style lightbulb simulates body heat to attract fleas from as far as 25 feet away so you can control even the worst flea infestations.

Best ultrasonic flea repellent

Plug in flea repeller

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MOS-REPEL ultrasonic pest repeller

Expel fleas rather than trapping them with this effective pack of flea repellers

Not strictly a trap, but it does get rid of fleas using ultrasonic sound. With a sleek modern design, the Mos-Repel Ultrasonic has an effective working area of up to 1600 square feet as long as you don’t have coverings or furniture in the way. Because ultrasonic sound cannot penetrate walls, it’s recommended to have a unit in every room you want to repel fleas. Here you get a pack of 6 which emit low frequency waves to deter all insects, fleas, roaches, and even rats, mice, and spiders, while doing them no harm. You can also sleep soundly knowing it is harmless to both humans and pets. Plug it in, and the work is done.

Best novelty flea trap

Flea trap shaped like a pumpkin

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FLANTOR Pumpkin Sticky Dome

Novelty sticky pumpkin dome for fleas and flies

The Flantor Sticky Dome presents a visual attraction lit like a Pumpkin, providing fun décor along with practical application. The light is soft and attracts fleas and small insects to the strong sticking paper which is odorless, and pet and child-safe. It’s simple to set up and comes with a free replacement bulb. Once you are ready to change the paper, you can easily remove and replace it with the additional one enclosed. 

Best electric flea catcher

Electric flea and insect trap

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MAFITI Electric Fly Catcher

Collect multiple insects with this tornado trap

Combining UV light with a suction fan and sticky glue boards, this device creates a clever trap that lures insects in and ensures they do not escape. Fleas crave heat and so this will work to catch them if it is placed on the floor. It also helps catch mosquitos, wasps, moths, and fruit flies. The Mafiti Zapper is safe to humans and pets. It’s fit for use in any room, but is most effective in darkened areas. We recommended placing well away from a fan or air conditioner to ensure the effectiveness of the suction.

Which is the best flea trap for you?

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There are various effective ways to get rid of fleas, but it’s important to match your choice to your situation. If safety is a concern then our top pick, the Victor M230A Ultimate Flea Trap, is both efficient and child and pet friendly. If you don’t want to use anything electrical, then the TRAPPER MAX Glue Trap will work anywhere, with or without a power source. If you feel flea traps aren’t the most attractive things to see on a day-to-day basis, why not buy one disguised as a pumpkin? Maybe the FLANTOR Pumpkin Sticky Dome is the one for you.

Perhaps trapping is not for you, and instead, you prefer deterrents that ensure not only fleas but mice rats, and roaches are repelled harmlessly. In that case, we strongly recommend you invest in an ultrasonic device and there’s no better than the MOS-REPEL Ultrasonic Pest Repeller which comes in a pack of 6 for multi-room protection.


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