More fun, less fuzz - Roborock’s Q5+ robovac takes some of the pain out of pet ownership

Roborock Q5+ robovac featuring grey cat
(Image credit: Roborock)

Our pets fill our lives with so much joy, but there’s no getting around the fact that they also tend to fill our homes with a solid helping of dirt, hair, and dander that we could do without. Keeping up with all the cleaning, the care for our pets, and the rest of our lives can be a difficult balance, but Roborock’s Q5+ robovac can help turn the tide in the constant battle for cleanliness in your favor.

Whether you’ve got a long haired cat that kicks a little too aggressively in its litter or a furry pup that’s overzealous around the food bowl, spilling kibble left and right, there’s always going to be something to clean up when you live with a furry friend. 

You could go around the house with a broom on a regular basis, moving furniture to get underneath and behind, and covering every square inch every week to try keeping the dirt and debris from ever accumulating. But then you’d be left with no time to lounge with your cat or take your dog out on all the walks it’s longing for. 

Barring that constant cleanup effort, you have the choice of letting things get a little bit messy with just intermittent cleaning — an option that can make your home feel a lot less like a home and prove a lot more troublesome if you or guests have allergies — or you can rely on a robovac like the Q5+ to handle all of the regular cleaning for you.

The Roborock Q5+ is a robust tool for cleaning up after your pets. It has powerful suction and a capable roller that can get debris off hardwood floors, tile, and carpet alike. With LiDAR based mapping, the Q5+ can get the layout of your apartment and strategically plan a route around it that’ll cover the entire floor systematically and efficiently. With the ability to run for 180 minutes on a single charge, this all ensures you can get a full clean every day. You can also set up routines for partial cleans, such as cleaning up the entryway to your home after walks or trips to the dog park.  

Roborock Q5+ robovac featuring labrador retriever

(Image credit: Roborock)

Even robot vacuums require some intervention, as the regular cleanings mean they can fill up their dust bins fairly quickly. But, the Roborock Q5+ gives you an edge in this regard thanks to its self-empty dock. When the robovac is done cleaning, it can head back to its dock to recharge and empty its contents into the 2.5L bag inside the dock. As a result, you can enjoy clean floors for up to 7 weeks before you’ve got to empty any dustbins yourself. Between the self-empty dock and robovac itself, there’s also solid filtration to keep dust and allergens out of the air.

Once you’ve got the Roborock Q5+ set up, you don’t even have to fuss with a remote to get it going. You can set up scheduled cleanings, tell it to clean specific rooms through the app, or even enable voice control.

So, if you’re ready to spend less time cleaning and spend more time with your pets, you can check out the Roborock Q5+ here or see all the rest of Roborock’s powerful cleaning devices here..