10 photos of cats vs Christmas trees that prove felines love getting festively feisty

cats vs Christmas trees
(Image credit: Instagram / @mainecoon_diablo / @lilitmotherofdemons)

Now the festive season is here, many households have put up their sparkling Christmas trees and decorations. Cue the onset of cats vs Christmas trees, that time of the year where owners find themselves tearing their hair out at the sight of their curious cat diving head first into the decorations. 

It’s no surprise that our pets also want to get involved in the festivities in more ways than one! In fact, this is the time when cats want to battle the Christmas tree, intent to get up close and personal or have their tree-climbing claws all over it. After all, who wouldn’t be tempted by the shiny baubles or toys hanging from the branches? If you did want to save your beautiful Christmas tree from chaos though, these useful tips on how to cat-proof Christmas trees will do the trick.

In the meantime, here are some amusing photos showing kitties caught in the act of Christmas tree destruction. And despite their trail, they still look way too cute (so I’m sure they can be forgiven!).

This curious cat has got its eye on one thing only, and that’s the appealing toy hanging in the tree. Almost there! 

cat in Christmas tree

(Image credit: Instagram / @kociabrygada)

Kitty loves the tinsel so much that she can’t wait to sink her teeth into it! 

cat eating tinsel

(Image credit: Instagram / @lilitmotherofdemons)

So this is where kitty is hiding? In any case, this seems a nice way to snuggle up in the Christmas tinsel box

cat in a box

(Image credit: Instagram/ @tiny_the_mog)

This Christmas tree looks so appealing, that this cat fancies a nibble

cat biting Christmas tree

(Image credit: Instagram / @taffy_ginger_cat)

Peek a boo! This kitty found the perfect spot for playing hide and seek. How adorable!  

cat hiding in a Christmas tree

(Image credit: Instagram / @shelly_suzanne)

This cat definitely got the Christmas treat, and happily devouring it. Who could blame her? 

cat eating Christmas tree ornament

(Image credit: Instagram / @gorman_stagram)

Kitty enjoys using the Christmas trees as a new cat tower, and found a cosy spot to snuggle in too! 

cat inside Christmas tree

(Image credit: Instagram / @taso_bengalmix_tsukimi)

Look out! This kitty is in prime position for an epic Christmas tree destruction. Dreading the aftermath

cat attacking a Christmas tree

(Image credit: Instagram / @mainecoon_diablo)

 …and the tree is finally down. This curious cat didn’t waste any time in achieving her goal of knocking over the Christmas tree.

cat knocks Christmas tree down

(Image credit: Instagram / @grisha.catt)

Almost at the top. This cat climber has a firm eye on the prize and determined to reach the top of the tree!  

cat attacking a Christmas tree

(Image credit: Instagram / @noitujainen)
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