10 photos that prove big dogs have big hearts

Troy the dog cuddles owner
(Image credit: Reddit / @phths)

Looks can be deceiving, and the same certainly applies for these gentle giants. 

There is a common misconception that breeds such as Pit Bulls, Staffies or Rottweilers are aggressive or to be feared but, as any loving and responsible owner will know, this can be far from the truth.  

These photos show that they are really big softies at heart, who will go out of their way for a little love and affection! You can’t get any sweeter than that!

10 big dogs with big hearts

Group hug anyone? These Mastiffs seem to enjoy being smothered in this family snuggle.

big dogs snuggle

(Image credit: Instagram / @th3brothersmastiff)

 This Staffie has to be the most pampered pooch in town! And with those eyes, who could blame him? 

smiling staffie

(Image credit: Instagram / fredefrida)

These guests can look forward to a warm welcome at the door from this cuddly pooch!  

big dog greets guests

(Image credit: Reddit / @onthenextlevel)

 He may be called Bruce Wayne, but this ‘superdog’ Cane Corso is a great big softie for snuggles.  

snuggly cane corso

(Image credit: Reddit / @Unicornglitteryblood)

It may look like this dog and owner are about to dance the waltz, but this Great Dane does look ever so regal! 

ozzy the great dane greets owner

(Image credit: Instagram/ @ozzy_greatdane)

 They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but we actually think it’s a boy’s best friend. How sweet! 

dog and child

(Image credit: Instagram / @reygladiador)

 Lazy Sundays on the sofa sounds great for this dog and owner. 

Great Dane cuddles man

(Image credit: Instagram / @greatdaneloverz)

Don’t be alarmed, Troy isn’t trying to squash his owner, he just wants to be a lapdog! Even though he weighs 175lbs! 

big dog cuddles owner

(Image credit: Reddit / @phths)

Who hasn't fallen asleep on the couch after a long day?

Great Dane sleeping

(Image credit: Instagram / @greatdaneloverz)

Best friends fur-ever! This gentle giant proves he makes a great companion. 

girl kisses dog

(Image credit: Instagram / @Topguardkennels)
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