Dog meets new human baby brother for the first time in heartwarming video

Dog meets new human baby brother for the first time
(Image credit: TikTok/ziveli_veselo)

The moment a dog meets new human baby brother for the first time has been captured on video and posted to TikTok where it has already amassed over 13 million views, 2 million likes and thousands of comments.

In the 41 second heartwarming clip set to the soft and moving lyrics of Natalie Taylors ‘Loved You Before’, gentle giant Luna, an American Bulldog and Cane Corso cross, can be seen beside herself with excitement as she gets ready to welcome home the newest addition to the family.

As the baby boy is brought through the door in his carseat, Luna rushes to greet him before running to pick up her toys and offer them up to the sleeping baby who remains blissfully unaware of all the fuss.

When the little boy’s father sits on the couch and cradles his new son in his arms, Luna sniffs him all over before lovingly licking his face. The sweet and special clip, captioned by baby mama ziveli_veselo with the words ‘If I say I’m not crying you caught me in a lie 😭 😭, has been a hit with netizens who have chimed in with plenty of their own emotions.


If I say I’m not crying you caught me in a lie 😭 😭 ##babiesoftiktok ##boymom ##momsoftiktok ##babyboy ##dogsandbabies

♬ Loved You Before - Natalie Taylor

“Aaaaaayy that moment he chose a toy for the bubba. 🥰 Precious dog!♥️♥️♥️” said Yuemi, with ModenGaze145 adding, “the wiggle before they come in and the offering of toys, my heart melted 🥰.” 

And there were plenty of tears being shed too with Paris Redford saying, “I'm cryyyying at this. Dogs are just so so so precious,” alongside plenty of praise for the sheer big-heartedness of our canine companions, “🥰🥰aren't dogs just the best,” alwynhughes7 said, with Cass jumping in in agreement saying “A dog's love is unconditional I would be lost without my boy.”

If you think this clip of Luna and her little human brother is cute, then we have good news for you because this loyal and big-hearted hound hasn’t left his side since he got brought home, meaning there are more adorable videos of these two just waiting to be watched!

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