Five great videos of dogs doing crazy things

jack russell dog surfing on a wave , on ocean sea on summer vacation holidays, with cool sunglasses and flower chain
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Prepare to laugh out loud and have your heart warmed with these five great videos of dogs doing crazy things. From skiing to surfing and shaking their tails to the latest beats, we’ve rounded up the funniest and most adorable antics of our beloved canine companions. So sit back, relax, and prepare to have your day made with these silly, inspiring, and downright hilarious dog videos.

1. Meet Crusoe….the skiing Daschund

Crusoe the Daschund first turned his paw to skiing back in 2014, and he’s been a regular on the slopes of Quebec ever since. Watch him calmly cruise down this run sporting a seriously stylish outfit in his very own home-made bobsled. 

2. Skateboarding dogs with attitude

From Cartman, the Bulldog from New York skating his way around the streets of Amsterdam, to Twig, the Rough Collie cruising the boardwalks of Fort Lauderdale, these skateboarding furkids are some of the coolest canines we’ve clapped our eyes on. 

3. This doggie dance-off will have you in stitches

Check out the most hilarious dancing dogs in this compilation of man’s best friend getting their groove on. From sultry Latin dancing to classy ballroom moves, you won’t want to miss watching these pooches putting their best paws forward. 

4. Dogs doing dumb things

Getting their heads stuck in terracotta pots, running into closed doors, and falling into the toilet are all in a day’s work for these hilarious canines whose silly shenanigans are bound to put a huge smile on your dial. 

5. Surf’s up!

If you love being by the ocean you’re not going to want to miss checking out these amazing dogs as they hit their surfboards and the open water to ride the waves. From Pugs to Golden Retrievers and every breed in between, these free-spirited canines will melt your heart.

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