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Latest Cyber Monday pet deals added: PetSmart, Petco, Walmart and more!

cyber monday pet deals
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Cyber Monday pet deals are here and our comprehensive listing of online savings is the best place to find the biggest bargains from the biggest names in pet retail. We’ve taken the hard work out of Cyber Monday by searching out the best deals from the likes of Petsmart, Chewy, Amazon and Walmart for you. Take a look below for fantastic savings on the stuff your pet needs most.

While it’s looking like this year’s sales season will extend beyond Cyber Monday and into the Christmas run up, we wouldn’t recommend waiting around if you find a deal you like. Many offers will be either stock or time limited, meaning they could go very quickly indeed, so it pays to strike fast!

Also, remember that demand for online delivery is likely to be high this year due to the continuing Covid restrictions, so order early to be sure of your purchases arriving in time for Christmas.

We’d recommend bookmarking this page and checking back on the hour as we’ll be updating regularly throughout the day with the very latest Cyber Monday pet deals. That way you won’t miss any of the amazing bargains to be had.

  • PetCo - Browse special Cyber Monday sales for discounts on dog & cat products
  • EntirelyPets - Up to 80% off selected products
  • Amazon - Huge selection of deals for dogs, cats, small animals, fish and more
  • Walmart - Shop Walmart's Cyber Monday Pet Supply Deals for 2020

Best Cyber Monday Petsmart deals

Pet Gear Easy Step Pet Bed Stair
|RRP: $234.54 | Now: $130.29 | Save: $104.25 (44%) at PetSmart
The Pet Gear Easy Step Bed Stair makes it easy for smaller dogs to climb on to the bed or furniture with you. This stair features deep steps that allow for the entire body to be on each platform, while a shorter step height makes it easier for smaller dogs to climb.View Deal

Grreat Choice Single-Wide Cat Scratcher
|RRP: $8.99 | Now: $4.99 | Save: $4 (44%) at PetSmart
Satisfy your cat's natural urge to scratch the day away with the Grreat Choice Single-Wide Scratcher. This great corrugate scratcher encourages positive scratching behaviors, and also provides a comfortable place for your kitty to stretch.View Deal

Super Pet Natural Tree Trunk Hideout Small Animal Toy
|RRP: $15.99 | Now: $6.39 | Save: $9.60 (60%) at PetSmart
Your little furry friend will feel safe and secure in the Super Pet Natural Tree Trunk Hideout. The hideout features a tree trunk design to add a fun look to your pet's habitat. Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals.View Deal

 Best Cyber Monday deals at Petco 

Dogness Smart Cam Black Treater
|RRP: $139.99 | Now: $103.99 | Save: $36 (25%) at Petco
The treat dispenser with HD camera has a 165 degree camera with night vision along with a mic and speaker so you can listen to your pet. It can hold up to .4lb of treats and features suction cups to prevent it getting knocked over. View Deal

Animaze Brown Circle Bolster Dog Bed, 34" D X 6" H
|RRP: $139.99 | Now: $103.99 | Save: $36 (25%) at Petco
The Animaze Pink Circle Bolster Dog Bed brings plush comfort in a simple design and neutral colors. For added stability when your pup is ready to jump in for some shuteye, this bolster dog bed includes a non-slip bottom.View Deal

Embark Vet Breed & Health Dog DNA Test
|RRP: $199.99 | Now: $135 | Save: $64.99 (32%) at Petco
An Embark Dog DNA Breed + Health Kit enables a dog owner to learn about their pup's breed, ancestry, health, relatives, and more with a simple cheek swab. You can discover and connect with dogs that share DNA with yours with the world's only canine relative finder, free with purchase.View Deal

ScoopFree by PetSafe Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box
|RRP: $189.99 | Now: $99.95 | Save: $90.04 (47%) at Petco
The Animaze 1-Door Folding Dog Crate requires no tools to assemble and features a foldable design that's easy to store and transport. A removable, leak-proof crate pan is included, so you can quickly clean up any accidents.View Deal

Bond & Co. Red 3-Piece Walking Kit for Dogs, Small
RRP: $29.99 | Now: $19.99 | Save: $10.00 (33%) at Petco
Crafted from durable materials, this 3-piece walking essentials' set includes a leash with a handy D-ring for keys, an adjustable collar, and a waste bag dispenser to help you take care of business while out and about.View Deal

Amazing value!

Animaze 1-Door Folding Dog Crate
|RRP: $114.99 | Now: $30.69 | Save: $84.30 (73%) at Petco
The Animaze 1-Door Folding Dog Crate requires no tools to assemble and features a foldable design that's easy to store and transport. A removable, leak-proof crate pan is included, so you can quickly clean up any accidents.View Deal

EveryYay Essentials Snooze Fest Pink Lounger Dog Bed
|RRP: $39.99 | Now: $19.99 | Save: $20 (50%) at Petco
The EveryYay Essentials Snooze Fest Pink Lounger Dog Bed frees up space for your pup to win at snoozing. We know that a lot of doggos like to get a good stretch in as they drift off. This wide lounger shape works like a dream so they can flop right into their nightly ritual. When laundry day comes, you can remove the machine-washable cover and get their comfort zone cleaned up in no time.View Deal

Animaze 6-Level Brown Cat Tree
|RRP: $149.99 | Now: $65 | Save: $84.99 (56%) at Petco
The Animaze 6-Level Cat Tree is a fun-filled place for your feline to scratch, climb, frolic and nap. Each level offers a comfortable place to hang out, while the floor and first landing features coconut rope-wrapped scratching posts for their clawing pleasure.View Deal

You & Me Small Animal High Rise Tank Topper
|RRP: $56.99 | Now: $34.19 | Save: $22.80 (40%) at Petco
The You & Me Home Expander creates double the living space for pets residing in 10-gallon tanks, including rats, mice, hamsters and gerbils. It boasts a convenient, fully assembled design and easy-access top door.View Deal

 Best Chewy Cyber Monday deals 

SmartyKat Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Cat Toy
|RRP: $20.99 | Now: $13.43 | Save: $7.56 (36%) at Chewy
The weighted base rolls around erratically, causing the feathers to dart back and forth as your cat gets ready to pounce. It turns on with the simple push of a button, and the whisper-quiet motor won’t scare kitties away as they play.

Hill's Natural Soft Savories with Peanut Butter & Banana
| RRP: $6.99 | Now: $4.49 | Save: $2.50 (36%) at Chewy
Real peanut butter is the number one ingredient, and the soft, tender texture will delight your deserving dog—because we all need a little snack now and then, so why not make it nutritious and delicious too?

CANIDAE Life Stages Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Dry Cat Food
| RRP: $34.99 | Now: $20.99 | Save: $14 (40% at checkout) at Chewy
This veterinarian formulated cat food is designed specifically for all life stages. Its nutritionally dense formula containing premium ingredients and optimum protein takes a one-recipe-serves-all approach to feeding, making it the perfect solution for both multi-cat households and single cats of any age.View Deal

Almost half price!

Furbo Dog Camera
| RRP: $249 | Now: $133.99 | Save: $115.01 (46%) at Chewy
The Furbo Dog Camera will make your pooch feel like you’re there, even when you’re not. This camera not only lets you see and talk to your dog, but it also allows you to toss treats to him when you’re not home. View Deal

K&H Pet Products Outdoor Unheated Kitty House | RRP: $84.99 | Now: $39.99 | Save: $45 (53%) at Chewy
This easy-to-assemble kitty house is great for outdoor cats, designed to provide additional warmth and protection in places like barns, garages, and porches. Made with 600 denier nylon with a water-resistant vinyl backing, and a roof that overhangs both entrances to keep your kitty warm, safe and dry.View Deal

Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System, XL
| RRP: $22.99 | Now: $17.15 | Save: $5.84 (25%) at Chewy
Suitable for use with all types of cat litter. The Pet Genie employs a five-layer bag that contains odors effectively thanks to its built-in odor barrier technology. This means germs and bad smells are sealed away until you’re ready to take them out to the trash.View Deal

CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Wall Mounted Cat Bridge Shelf | RRP: $190.48 | Now: $95.24. | Save: $95.24 (50% - discount applied at checkout) at Chewy
Give your cat a stylish perch to survey their kingdom from with this wall-mounted cat bridge. This solid wood bridge with a special bracket to make it appear it's floating will satisfy your cat’s natural urge to climb and helps promote exercise.View Deal

 Cyber Monday deals at Entirely Pets 

Innotek Advanced Trainer with Tone Training Feature
|RRP: $20.99 | Now: $13.43 | Save: $7.56 (36%) at EntirelyPets
Simply press the praise button when your dog does something good and immediately give a favorite treat or plenty of praise. The bad tone followed by the distracting tingle is used for inappropriate behavior. You'll be amazed how fast your dog will learn!View Deal

Otis & Claude Reflective Rope Leash
|RRP: $11.99 | Now: $6.49 | Save: $5.50 (46%) at EntirelyPets
Features 1/2 inch diameter strong nylon rope and solid, tangle-free clip hook along with a13 inch length ergonomic foam handle.This rope dog leash is mainly designed for medium or large dogs and some small dogs; it may be a little big and heavy for tiny dogs.View Deal

Dr. Marty Biologically Balanced Nutrition Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food for Small Dogs, 16 oz
|RRP: $41.99 | Now: $34.29 | Save: $7.70 (18%) at Entirely Pets
A premium, freeze-dried raw dog food formulated to give your dog the balanced nutrition they need to thrive. Each batch is filled with whole ingredients like real cuts of meat, veggies, and fruit to help support easier digestion, a healthy immune system, and balanced energy levels for adult dogs of any breed.View Deal

BONIES Natural Dental Health Bulk Box Mini (240 Bones)
|RRP: $79.99 | Now: $69.59 | Save: $10.40 (13%) at Entirely Pets
Bonies All-Natural bones are unique treats that use all-natural ingredients to promote fresh breath. Each ingredient is carefully selected by our board-certified animal nutritionist to ensure safety, enjoyment and digestibility while benefiting your dog's health.View Deal

Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews Large (30 Chews)
|RRP: $20.99 | Now: $14.93 | Save: $4.40 (21%) at Entirely Pets
Ora-Clens Oral Hygiene Chews help clean your dog's teeth while they chew. These beef hide treats are coated with enzymes that help remove plaque and prevent harmful bacteria from building up.View Deal

Feliway Classic Starter Kit for Cats (Diffuser and 48 ml vial)
|RRP: $46.99 | Now: $38.59 | Save: $8.40 (18%) at Entirely Pets
Feliway Classic provides “happy messages” to cats and makes them feel calm and comfortable at home. By mimicking the natural feline appeasing messages (pheromones), Feliway Classic helps cats happily adjust to pace of modern life.

Redbarn Bully Coated Antler Dog Chew - Solid (Jumbo)
|RRP: $51.99 | Now: $39.99 | Save: $12 (23%) at Entirely Pets
Your dog will love these delicious bones that have each been naturally shed and covered with a secret coating. Each chew treat lasts for hours of enjoyable chewing and is completely odor-free. View Deal

Half price!

Petsport USA Laser Chase
|RRP: $7.99 | Now: $3.49 | Save: $4.50 (56%) at Entirely Pets
At the push of a button, watch your pet chase this red laser light wherever you point it. Laser Chase offers interactive play for dogs, cats, birds, lizards and even fish. Laser Chase is an interactive, versatile red laser beam that fits in the palm of your hand. Simply push the button and watch your pet go crazy in an attempt to capture the little red light.View Deal

N-Bone Ferret Chew Treats - Salmon Flavor (1.87 oz)
|RRP: $2.29 | Now: $2.25 | Save: $0.67 (23%) at Entirely Pets
Make sure your ferret friend has something else to chew on other than your finger or the furniture by giving him or her these tasty salmon flavoured chew sticks. These natural chews are made to be both entirely digestible for your ferret and packed with rich omega fatty acids to promote a healthy skin and coat.View Deal

Cyber Monday deals at Amazon 

Wag Dry Dog Food, 35% Protein, No Added Grains (Salmon)
| RRP: $12.99 | Now: $7.79 | Save: $5.20 (40%) at Wag Dry Dog Food Salmon & Lentil Recipe uses real salmon to help your dog to  thrive. Containing 35% protein to keep your dog at his bounding best. Wag recipes are formulated with the help of veterinarians to provide your dog with the optimal blend of protein and fat, without adding any grains. View Deal

MODUS Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent
|RRP: $29.99 | Now: $14.95 | Save: $15.04 (50%) at Amazon
This ultrasonic anti bark device provides a safe and effective solution for dog training and bark control. The anti bark device can effectively train your dogs to stop unwanted behaviors such as barking, digging, eating unsafe food, fighting, etc.
View Deal

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness
|RRP: $26.99 | Now: $21.59 | Save: $5.40 (20%) at Amazon
A heavy duty vest made of 900D Nylon with sturdy stitching for extra durability, suitable for all fields use. Two rings can bear great pulling force , ensuring your dog is safe during training, hunting, working, and any other occasions.

Wholesome Pride Sweet Potato Treats
| RRP: $16.99 | Now: $12.74 | Save: $4.25 (25%) at Amazon
These simple, healthy dog treats are made with just 1 ingredient – dehydrated sweet potato. Made with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and grain-free ingredients, these treats are easily digestible and great for pets with dog food allergies or sensitive stomachs.View Deal

Hill's Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Chicken Recipe
| RRP: $26.99 | Now: $19.99 | Save: $7.80 (29%) at Amazon
Hill's Science Diet Adult dry cat food is made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients and is specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of cats during the prime of their life.View Deal

ChomChom Roller Dog Hair Remover, Cat Hair Remover, Pet Hair Remover
|RRP: $34.99 | Now: $24.95 | Save: $10.04 (29%) at Amazon
By simply moving the pet hair roller back and forth, you immediately track and pick up cat hairs and dog hairs embedded deeply in sofas, couches, beds, carpets, blankets, comforters and more.View Deal

50% off

Glad for Pets Black Charcoal Puppy Pads
|RRP: $34.99 | Now: $17.00 | Save: $17.99 (51%) at Amazon
Glad Activated Carbon Training Pads for pets are made with five layers of strength for leak-proof protection. The activated carbon layer absorbs odor and yellow spots while the polymer layer absorbs and locks in liquid, all while turning it into a gel. View Deal

ZippyPaws - Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys
|RRP: $15.99 | Now: $9.99 | Save: $6.00 (38%) at Amazon
Skinny Peltz are no-stuffing plush dog toys that provide hours of squeaking fun without the unnecessary need of cleaning up fuzzy stuffing mess! This plush toy set includes 3 large characters that were lovingly brought to life using the best quality materials that are durable and safe for your pets.View Deal

Cyber Monday deals at Walmart 

Wisdom Panel Essential Dog DNA Test
| RRP: $99.99 | Now: $69.99 | Save: $30 (30%) at Walmart
This simple test can identify over 350 breeds, types, and varieties and identify breed mix down to 1%. This means owners can trace their dog’s ancestry right back to their great-grandparents as well as screening for over 25 medical complications including MDR1. Testing is easy and fast using a simple swab of the insides of the dog’s cheeks.View Deal

Armarkat Burrow Pet Cat Bed, Sage Green
| RRP: $99.99 | Now: $69.99 | Save: $30 (30%) at Walmart
This cute cat bed is made of buttery faux suede and resilient faux fur for your pet’s enjoyment and the extra-thick polyfill filling will guarantee that your cat slumbers in maximum comfort. The entire bed is also machine washable for ease of cleaning and it comes with a six-month manufacturer’s warranty.

VetIQ Maximum Strength Hip & Joint Supplement for Dogs, 90 Soft Chews
RRP: $12.88 | Now: $6.71 | Save: $6.17 (48%) at Walmart
VetIQ Maximum Strength Hip & Joint Dog Medicine are a deliciously healthy real chicken treat that is rich in protein and is made without grain, soy or artificial colors and flavors so that your dog is getting all the nutrients a pet needs while relieving the pain of their stiff hip and joints.

Kitty City Cat Furniture Tunnel Cat Bed (Plaid)
|RRP: $42.99 | Now: $36.62 | Save: $6.37 (14%) at Walmart
This fun-packed station combines a soft-but-structured tunnel with entry and exit points for cats to dart in and out, a hanging toy to swat at, plus a cozy plush bed in the middle perfect for cat naps. It’s endless enjoyment whether your cat wants to burn some energy or laze the day away.View Deal

Save 45%

Vibrant Life 48"H Indoor & Outdoor Pet Exercise Play Pen
|RRP: $72.99 | Now: $39.92 | Save: $33.07 (45%) at Walmart
Give your dog more space to play while keeping him safely secured with the Vibrant Life Indoor/Outdoor Pet Exercise Play Pen. This multi-purpose play pen is a fantastic way to give your pet some exercise while keeping them contained.View Deal

Premier Pet Ring Holding Dog Toy For Medium Dogs
|RRP: $7.99 | Now: $5.52 | Save: $2.47 (30%) at Walmart
The Premier Pet Ring Holding Dog Toy keeps your dog entertained by securing tasty rawhide chew rings on a fun and durable toy. Simply screw both ends off the toy, place the chew rings on the posts and screw the ends back on.View Deal

Premier Pet Automatic Multi-Laser Cat Toy
|RRP: $7.99 | Now: $5.52 | Save: $2.47 (30%) at Walmart
The Premier Pet Automatic Multi Laser Cat Toy keeps your cat active and entertained with two fun and interactive lasers to chase. After 15 minutes of playtime, the toy will automatically shut off to let your cat rest, and it can be turned back on at any time.View Deal

Rimax Traditional Taupe Dog House for Small Breeds
|RRP: $89.00 | Now: $56.99 | Save:$32.01 (35%) at Walmart
The RIMAX Dog House is made of durable polypropylene resin that is moisture, rust, stain and scratch resistant. Designed at the ideal size for small breeds, the roof design prevents rain from wetting the interior and the elevated floor also insulates, keeping the dog dry. View Deal

Premier Pet Automatic Timer Pet Feeder
|RRP: $22.98 | Now: $12.96 | Save: $10.02 (43%) at Walmart
This provides a convenient and healthy solution to feed your pet two pre-portioned meals within a 24-hour period. You have the option of feeding with dry or semi-moist food and up to 1 1/2 cups per meal. The simple-to-use timer design helps control your pet's weight and establish a healthy eating routine.View Deal

Interactive Cat Scratching Post
|RRP: $59.99 | Now: $28.18 | Save:  $31.81 (53%) at Walmart
This interactive cat tree features a carpeted base, a sisal fabric scratching post, a dangling mouse toy and a rolling ball track that gives your cat the thrill of the hunt while indoors. This all-in-one cat scratcher and play area deters your pet from using your furniture to sharpen and trim their nails.View Deal

 How long do Cyber Monday deals last? 

As we’ve said above, it’s worth hitting any good Cyber Monday deal you see straight away and many will be limited by either time or stock levels. Some Cyber Monday deals will remain online until the end of the week but, given the huge demand we’ve seen for pets and products in 2020, we wouldn’t recommend delaying!

How to get the best Cyber Monday deals

Whether your shopping for a new laptop or a new dog lead, preparation is key when it comes to grabbing the best Cyber Monday bargains. This guide should help you do just that. 

PetsRadar has a good pedigree when it comes to finding good deals on pet equipment and supplies. Our parent company is Future PLC, an organization that has a proven track record on covering both the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales across numerous brands for many years, so you trust us to locate the best deals and pass on big savings to pet owners like you. Be sure to check this page each and every day for the next week, beyond  Cyber Monday and into the next week. You wont regret it.


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