I bought too many pointless Black Friday dog deals last year, here’s what I'd buy now

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I was just about to get a puppy for the first time and this momentous occasion seemed like the perfect excuse to stock up on Black Friday dog deals. So, off I went adding what I thought were the best puppy toys into my virtual shopping cart, chucking in various other 'essentials' such as puppy pads and cute little collars (yes, a dog Christmas sweater may have also fallen into my cart). 

Little did I know that what I'd actually need were the real essentials. When it came to the dog's bed, I wish I'd ditched a fluffy, squidgy bed for one that provided proper support for my pooch's joints. Puppy pads were a great idea initially, but what I, unfortunately, learned all too quickly was that yes, puppies have accidents while they're potty training and what you need are paper towels (and lots of them). And as for the toys? It's so important to invest in toys that are suitable for your dog's interests and size, rather than going for any old thing that looks fun.

Having had my little pup a year now and with Black Friday pet deals here for 2022, here's what I'd do differently this year.

Black Friday dog deals 2022: Quick retailer links

1. Choose your bed wisely

If you're shopping for a dog bed (especially for a puppy), removable and washable covers will be your best friend. I'd also look out for memory or 'egg crate' foam beds as these are designed to support your pooch as they snooze. Here's what I'd choose this time around:

Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed | Was $46.99, now $37.59 at Amazon

Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed | Was $46.99, now $37.59 at Amazon
With high-density egg crate foam to evenly distribute your pet's weight, this bed is suitable for dogs of all ages. You can easily remove the cover to pop it in the wash and right now, the bed is 20% cheaper.

2. Make sure the toys you buy serve a purpose

I can't be the only person who found the sheer volume of dog toys available overwhelming. There were chew toys, fluffy options, squeaky ones, and puzzles, to name a few. I stocked up on fluffy toys which were nice but only really served one purpose and that was to keep my pooch cozy at night. 

So, what would I buy now? I'd choose a selection of toys that are different. One for snuggling, another for mental stimulation, and perhaps another for chewing on.

Dog Puzzle Toy | Was $13.99, now $11.99 at Amazon

Dog Puzzle Toy | Was $13.99, now $11.99 at Amazon
Puzzle toy feeders aren't just great for making dinner time fun for your pooch, they also help feed their mind and are great for when you need to build up your dog's time alone. This feeder is a great challenge for your pooch and it's 14% cheaper today. 

3. Stock up on cleaning essentials

Despite my dog being a year older now, I still get through plenty of cleaning products making sure those muddy paw prints don't hang around too long.

If you're getting a puppy, paper towels or cleaning cloths will be your go to, but for general day-to-day things like making sure my pup's crate is nice and clean and making sure my house is smelling fresh, here's what I'd stock up on instead.

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator & Pet Stain Remover | Was $29.97, now $15.98 at Amazon

Angry Orange Odor Eliminator & Pet Stain Remover | Was $29.97, now $15.98 at Amazon
This cleaning spray tackles pet odors and the stains they leave behind too. With a fresh citrus fragrance, this solution is ideal for tackling muddy paw prints or accidents if you're potty training a pup. Save 47% right now.

4. Get a dog cam

Whether you just want to see your furry friend while you're out or if, like me, you're working on separation anxiety with your pooch and need to see how they are, a dog cam is one of my most useful purchases. 

Blink Mini Indoor Smart Security Camera| Was $64.99,  now $29.99 at Amazon

Blink Mini Indoor Smart Security Camera| Was $64.99,  now $29.99 at Amazon
Keep an eye on your pooch when you're out with this smart security complete with motion detection and a two-way audio function, which lets you speak to your pet without being in the room. With a Black Friday offer, you are getting this Alexa-enabled device for 54% less!

5. Don't opt for 'cheap' poop bags

I know, I know, do we really have to discuss poop bags? But, the answer is yes because buying cheap, means buying twice. Or at least it did for me. Since you'll need plenty of these bags, opt for extra thick options where you can. Plus, bulk buying is a great way to save and ensure you never run out. 

Earth Rated 900 Count Dog Poo Refill Pack | Was $39.99, now $23.09 at Amazon

Earth Rated 900 Count Dog Poo Refill Pack | Was $39.99, now $23.09 at Amazon
These poop bags are extra strong and leak proof. Plus, with this huge refill pack, you're saving 42% and you're helping give back because each purchase helps raise funds for animal shelters.

So, those are my go-to essentials but if you're looking for other ways to save and stock up, head over to our Black Friday pets deals live blog.

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