Dog lost for a week in freezing weather happily gets a warm reunion with pet parent

Salty the lost dog and her owner hugging in a snowy wilderness
(Image credit: Facebook)

It’s always a worry when your beloved pooch strays far from home, especially during the bitterly cold months.

So when Salty the 7-year-old Springer Spaniel ran through an open gate and didn’t return, owner, Roger Jacobs, was devastated. It was the week before Christmas 2021, and temperatures in their hometown of Minnesota had dropped to below freezing. 

Despite Salty being a skilled bird dog and always keeping close by, Roger was naturally concerned by the extreme weather conditions. He ventured out with a search party of family and friends to find Salty but to no avail. “We searched for days, put everything out on the internet, drove day and night looking…” stated Roger, “I thought, it was a really good shot that I didn’t ever get her back.”

Then on the seventh day of looking, Roger’s daughter Becky received a call from a friend saying he saw Salty by the river.  Full of hope, Becky and her father rushed to Yellowstone River Bridge where Becky captured the moment on film of Salty reuniting with Roger before posting it on social media, click here to view.

Salty the dog is approaching her owner in the snowy field

(Image credit: Facebook)

The heartfelt clip shows Salty excitedly running towards her pet parent, with her tail wagging, before leaping into dad’s arms. Surprisingly, after seven days in icy weather, Salty was healthy and happy with just cold feet and a gash on her leg to recover from.

An emotional reunion for both Salty and Roger who had feared he would never see Salty again. In fact, that must be the best Christmas gift ever. 

Cynthia Lawrence

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