Dog uses cat as ‘chew toy’ and his reaction is priceless

Dog and cat curled up together in dog bed
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A dog using his feline brother as a chew toy has animal lovers in stitches thanks to the cat's chilled out response to being nibbled on from head to paw. In fact, the relaxed kitty couldn’t be more unperturbed about all the attention, suggesting that being used as a teething toy is all in a day's work. 

Uploaded to Reddit on January 16, the now viral video shows a black and brown puppy happily play-biting a white fluffy cat on the neck and paws as the kitty remains calmly lying on his side, staring off into the distance.

Shared by user Niikhavod9472 and captioned with ‘my cat doesn’t even care anymore’, the video has received close to 14,000 upvotes and hundreds of comments from people who can’t get enough of the pair's hilarious dynamic.

my_cat_doesnt_even_care_anymore from r/AnimalsBeingBros

Arbybk wrote: “The puppy really looks like a leopard seal in the still frame! He must be biting gently for the cat to be that tolerant. Also, notice how the cat's pupils are contracted almost the whole time, indicating that she's relaxed.”

Niikhavod9472 responded to the comment with: “Cool, i didn't know that the pupils indicated that. They are almost brothers, so makes sense the cat being so calm and the dog being so gentle.”

And it’s that brotherly relationship that has stolen so many hearts as this video continues to make the rounds online, with many people commenting on how patient, tolerant and loving the cat is of his young and rather energetic fur sibling. 

But it’s not been all positive praise for this video. Some users have voiced concerns over the cat being hurt, but his human parent has been quick to reassure the Reddit audience that he’s more than okay.

“He likes it. They are really close to each other, and they play a lot. If the cat gets tired (sometimes he does) he just goes somewhere the dog can't access.” It’s clear that this is one kitty who knows how to take time out for himself when he needs it, but for the most part, it seems that he's more than content to let his baby brother nibble away. 

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