Meet Henry the Colorado dog and his feline friend Baloo

Henry the Colorado dog curled up with his feline friend Ball
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Henry the Colorado dog may only be three years old, but he’s already seen and done more than most dogs will cover in a lifetime. Whether he’s climbing mountains or trekking through the snow, this adventure-loving canine is never happier than when he’s exploring the great outdoors.

And by his side every step of the way is his feline friend and dearest companion, Baloo the cat. Henry’s pet parents Cynthia and Andre adopted Baloo just a few months after Henry when they realized he was in need of a partner in crime. 

“I could only hope that Henry and Baloo would love each other as much as we love them,” Cynthia explains, describing the moment she brought Baloo home. “Turns out we got pretty lucky.” Fast forward two years and these two rescues spend their days joined at the hip, following their noses and running free.

Henry and Baloo have become social media darlings, amassing a staggering 2.2 million loyal followers over on Instagram who can’t get enough of the adventures these adorable friends share. 

With every post making us ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’, selecting our favorites was pretty darn tough, but we think we’ve managed to do it, so sit back, relax and enjoy the highlight reel that is Henry and Baloo.

Henry the Colorado dog and Baloo: Where it all began

While Cynthia and Andre were initially worried about whether Henry and Baloo would warm to each other, they needn't have been. As this photo from one of their first camping trips shows, it was love at first sight for this pair.

When you're feeling weary, you can count on me

Baloo can't always cover the same distance on his paws that Henry can and when that happens, his friend lovingly carries him the rest of the way.

My friendship will always keep you warm

And while Henry often gives Baloo a ride, his little friend never fails to reciprocate in the small ways that he can - like keeping his buddies ears warm in the cold weather!

Sweet dreams are guaranteed with you by my side

Why opt for two sleeping bags when you can snuggle up together and keep each other nice and toasty? Sweet dreams are always guaranteed for this duo when they're snuggled up together.

The things you do for your parents

Henry and Baloo are good sports when it comes to posing for the photos that make up their annual calendar, although Baloo looks a tad less keen about his getup!

Give us a boost would ya Dad?

Henry and Baloo weren't about to let a little thing like height get in the way of seeing an epic view and thankfully Dad was on hand to help them out!

Dog sledding during Snowmaggedon 

Cynthia says that while Henry loves the snow, Baloo isn't quite so keen and will often try and use his canine companion as a sled to transport him back to dry land.

Road trippin'

With another exciting adventure ahead of them, Henry and Baloo take the opportunity to catch up on some R&R on the car trip to Montana. 

Lazy days on the water

When they're not busy pounding the trails, nothing beats a relaxing day on the lake for these two.

You're the best gift I've ever received

Baloo may have got spoiled with presents and treats on his recent 4th birthday, but by the looks of this photo, it's clear that his most treasured gift will always be his buddy Henry.

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