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The best cat hammocks: A comfy cat is a happy cat

Best cat hammocks
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Choosing the best cat hammocks can be a challenge – there are so many of them. The first challenge is to work out which style of cat hammock works best for your cat. Cat hammocks can attach to a window, walls, a chair, or a ceiling. They might also be free-standing. If your cat loves watching the world go by, a window hammock might be perfect for them – especially if they’ll get some nice sunning in the process. Cats also love being up in high places, so if the wall space is there, they enjoy a hammock that gives them the opportunity to look down on their domain. Chair hammocks or free-standing hammocks are the easiest to install.

Your cat’s mobility also comes into play when choosing the best cat hammock. Unless your window is low or your cat has a way to get into the hammock other than jumping straight from the floor, they may not be able to use a window hammock. They’ll have similar issues with a hammock mounted to the wall or the ceiling, and if they’re not sure on their feet, they may fall out. 

If your cat is, well, extra fluffy, a lightweight hammock mounted to a window might result in an undignified tumble to the ground. Size is an important factor; a big cat needs a big hammock. On the other end of the spectrum, a tiny kitty will probably end up frustrated trying to get into a high hammock. 

They might also appreciate a snuggly, warm fabric. Hammocks that are easy to clean or have removable covers are probably best. Even if your cat keeps themself impeccably clean, the hammock will inevitably collect hair.

Like most accessories for your pets, buying online is the best way to go. Armed with your new-found knowledge of cat hammocks, we’ll help you make your selection. 

Best cat hammocks

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1. LUCKITTY Large Cat Hammock: Best overall cat hammock

An adorable multipurpose addition to your cat’s sleeping spots

Type: Free-standing | Materials: Sisal, plush, flannel, chipboard | Assembly: Moderate

Fits any size cat
Not easily washable
Takes up floor space

This cat hammock is unique! It is adorable – it looks like a human folding chair – and the seller also states that it can even support big cats. More than one cat could use the LUCKITTY large cat hammock at one time, depending on the size. This cat hammock is also fairly low to the ground, so it would be less of a problem for cats who can’t do a lot of jumping or climbing. 

One of the best things about this LUCKITTY hammock is its adjustability. You can change the angle of the chair depending on your cat’s preferences. If you have a cat that likes to scratch on your furniture, the sisal surface on the hammock should help deter them. Younger or very playful cats might enjoy the attached ball, and the seller includes catnip to entice cats to use the hammock. 

On the downside, it doesn’t appear that you can wash this hammock beyond spot-cleaning. This cat hammock might not last as long as others either, as the sisal will get worn out quickly if your cat is a heavy scratcher. The LUCKITTY has a lot going for it, however, which is why it’s our best overall cat hammock. 

Best cat hammocks

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2. Amazon Basics Cat Condo Tree Tower With Hammock Bed And Scratching Post: Best budget cat hammock

This basic cat hammock includes scratching posts and takes up very little room in your home

Type: Free-standing | Materials: Jute, plush, chipboard | Assembly: Easy

Provides scratching surface
Detachable toys
Not washable
May not be big enough for large cats

There are several cat tree/hammock combinations on the market that look similar to this one, but there are a few reasons why AmazonBasics has one of the best budget cat hammocks. For one, it has a great price for the number of positive reviews. The jute posts should stand up to lots of scratching, and cats like to stand up to scratch, so it’s in the perfect position. 

This hammock’s small footprint and lightweight design makes it easy to move it around and place where your cat will enjoy it most. While many cat hammocks come with toys, the AmazonBasics one is removable, so you can replace the toy when it wears out or your cat loses interest in it. The plush hammock should support a heavy cat, but a very large breed such as a Maine coon might not fit very well. You can only spot-clean this cat hammock, and one reviewer stated that it skidded on her wooden floors, so it’s best used on carpet.

Best cat hammocks

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3. K&H PET PRODUCTS Kitty Sill: Best Windowsill Cat Hammock

Your cat will love their view with the easy-to-install, cushy windowsill hammock

Type: Window mount | Materials: Orthopedic foam, faux lambskin, plastic, Velcro | Assembly: Easy

Attaches easily to windowsill
Good for renters
Multiple styles available
Fits most cats
Easy to clean
Requires a minimum sill depth of two inches
May need permanent installation

This windowsill hammock seems to have it all. It’s available in a heated version if you live in a cold climate, and you can also choose a style with a bolster that faces either the window or the inside. Many windowsill cat hammocks attach to the window itself using suction cups and string or wire, but the Kitty Sill relies on the strength of your windowsill itself. If you have a big cat, you may not want to trust their weight to suction cups alone. The Kitty Sill supports cats up to 40 pounds. 

You can install the Kitty Sill using the provided Velcro strips, or screw it into the sill itself. The former option may be more appealing if you rent your home, but some reviewers have complained that the Velcro glue gives out over time. The holes you’d need to make are very small, so screwing it into the wood might be the best choice – it’s all fun and games until kitty topples to the ground. 

Unlike many other windowsill hammocks, this one uses orthopedic foam. A removable cover makes washing easy, and multiple colors are available. 

Best cat hammocks

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4. CatastrophiCreations Cat Lounge Hammock: Best wall-mounted hammock

This wall-mounted hammock gives your cat climbing options and looks great on your wall

Type: Wall mount | Materials: Canvas, bamboo | Assembly: Moderate to difficult

Easy to clean
Vertical space
Variety of finishes
Requires permanent installation into wall studs
May require two people to install
May be too small for big cats

The CatastrophiCreations Cat Lounge Hammock is a starter piece for an entire modular system. If you’re not sure about putting cat furniture on your wall, you can start with this hammock and then expand it to include planters, bridges, food bowls, climbing posts, scratchers, and more – an entire cat habitat awaits! 

This hammock is made very simply and sturdily of bamboo and canvas fabric. You do have to locate wall studs (or have a masonry drill and bit) for permanent installation using brackets. It might take two people to locate the studs and ensure that the hammock is level.  

Once you have the wood pieces attached, the canvas fabric can be removed for cleaning, or you can change the fabric entirely. You can also get this hammock with wood finishes such as natural or walnut. The hammock is 16 inches wide and 11 inches deep, so if your big kitty is especially wide, they might not be able to lay comfortably on it.

Best cat hammocks

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5. UsefulThingy Cat Hammock: Best hanging hammock

A soft and versatile hammock for smaller cats

Type: Hanging | Materials: Fleece, webbing, metal | Assembly: Easy

Easy to install
Works in cages
Not for unsteady cats
Not for big cats

These hammocks are soft, easy to use, and versatile. If you have kittens or small cats, then a hanging hammock like the UsefulThingy is perfect. The fabric is reversible, and you can wash the entire thing when it gets dirty. One caveat, though: hand-wash or put in a mesh bag so the metal clips don’t clang around. This hanging hammock can attach to chair legs to give your furball a comfy spot to nap. Cats that need to be kept in a crate or cage would probably also enjoy the UsefulThingy cat hammock as a safe sleeping space. 

Cats that enjoy chewing may make short work of the fabric, but it seems unlikely they could chew through the webbing. Since it’s designed like a true hammock, there’s no support, and getting in and out could be challenging, depending on the cat. 

Cat hammock

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6. Vea pets Luxury Hammock: Best traditional-style hammock

The Vea pets Luxury Hammock looks most like a human-style hammock, but that doesn’t mean your cats won’t like it!

Type: Floor | Materials: Fleece, wood, rope | Assembly: Easy

Takes up little space
Washable fabric
Low to ground
May not be stable enough

Many reviewers of this cat hammock remark on how nice it looks in their home, but what’s most important is whether their cats enjoy it. The Vea pets hammock is simply built, with a solid wood frame, rope, hooks, and fabric. The hooks are designed to keep the hammock from swaying and make your cat feel more supported, but some cats still may not like it. The seller claims that this hammock will support cats up to 30 pounds. It’s a low hammock, so your cat won’t get any sweet outside views from hanging around in it, but it gets them off the ground and gives them a sleeping spot of their own. 

The fabric is removable and washable, but you will have to put the hammock back together afterwards. Surprisingly, there aren’t all that many other hammocks to choose from with this type of construction, but if you like the look and ease of this traditional style, try it out with your cat. 

Cat hammock

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7. HAPPYPIE Pet Fun House Hammock: Best whimsical hammock

This cat hammock is more like a tent – if you had a tent that you attached to the ceiling

Type: Ceiling | Materials: Polyester, plastic | Assembly: Easy

Use with multiple cats
No cushioning

Yes, it can be placed on the floor, but it seems like your cat would like it better if it were attached to the ceiling. This hammock is made of UV-resistant material, is waterproof and easy to clean, so it could be used outdoors as well as indoors. One side rolls up like a tent, and there are two other entry points too. The HAPPYPIE is large enough for multiple adult cats, and the seller claims that it can easily hold up to 100 pounds. If you have a child, they may be tempted to try out this cat hammock themselves.  

It comes with all hardware necessary for installation. Some sellers also include a string of colored lights to jazz things up a little. This hammock is lightweight and can be easily folded up and moved around.