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Best cat bed: Snuggly snooze spots for your feline

On-trend marshmallow bed or traditional style? Best cat beds you can buy your feline
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If you're looking for the best cat bed for your feline friend, the contenders in this guide are pretty hard to beat. While you've likely found your kitty happily curled up in all sorts of weird places, gifting them their very own sleep space will help them get their shut eye in style.

Just like the best dog beds, cat beds can help make the times when your kitty is resting a lot more comfortable for them. Not only are they soft and cozy, but the different designs all serve their own purpose, helping with everything from reducing stress and anxiety to relieving muscle and joint pain.

While you may think you need to splash out a lot of cash on one of the best luxury cat beds to meet your feline friends unique needs, you'll be happy to learn that a reasonably priced bed, like the one's you'll find in this guide, can get the job done just as well. So, what exactly do you need to consider before choosing a bed? We're so glad you asked! 

We recommend you first give some thought to your cat's personality. Do they tend to fall on the more reserved or timid side of the spectrum or are they highly sociable and outgoing? For quieter cats, a cave-style bed or teepee can be an excellent choice as the three enclosed sides create privacy and a sense of safety and security. If your cat loves being in on all the action, why not consider a penthouse that can be attached to the window that allows them to survey all the action?

Another thing to consider is your cat's age and whether or not they have any mobility issues. Arthritis is common in cats over the age of eight, but muscle and joint pain can affect a kitty at any age, so if you notice your cat has been struggling, you might like to invest in a self-warming bed. These have higher sides than normal beds and are made from materials that warm on contact, helping to soothe sore bodies. If your cat is very old and struggles to get in and out, you can purchase a ramp to help make life easier for them.

Whatever shape or style you're after you'll find it here in our best cat bed guide where we've rounded up our favorite designs to suit every feline furkid. Let's go shopping!  

PetsRadar's pick of the best cat beds

  • Best overall cat bed: Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave
  • Best budget cat bed: Bedsure Pet Tent Cave
  • Best tent cat bed: Arkmiido Pet Teepee
  • Best self-warming cat bed: Best Friends By Sheri Ortho Comfort
  • Best hanging cat bed: K&H EZ Mount Penthouse Kitty Sill
  • Best multi-cat bed: PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge
  • Best marshmallow cat bed: AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed
  • Best raised cat bed: Primetime Petz Raised Indoor Pet Bed
  • Best cat bed for radiators: Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed 

best cat bed

(Image credit: Meowfia)

Meowfia Premium Felt Cat Cave

Best overall cat bed

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.8 | Chewy Rating: 99% | Eco-Friendly: Yes

Handmade from 100% natural wool that repels odor
Cave-like design leaves cats feeling safe and warm
Can be folded down to make a flat bed
Some cats may not like the lanolin smell 

When it comes to sleep, getting some serious kitty-cat shut eye doesn’t come much snugglier than this. Made in Nepal from a process called ‘felting’, these beds are mouled using only soap, water and extreme pressure until the desired texture is achieved. 

And what’s even better is that these 100% natural wool beds are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and able to be hand-washed and vacuumed, not to mention that the design makes for one super cosy sanctuary, perfect when your fur baby wants to block out the world and switch off for a while. Seriously, can we get a human version of this please?

We love that this cat bed can be folded down to make it flat, great for those days when your kitty is seeking less safety and security and more sociability. It’s like getting two beds for the price of one! 

It’s also a great choice for cats with sensitivities or allergies, as the felted wool provides a hypoallergenic home that is also mold, mildew, and bacteria-resistant, so you and your fur baby can both rest easy knowing that their sweet dreams won’t be coming at the cost of their health. 

Coming in four different colors, this plush cat bed is mega stylish, and will blend in with pretty much any decor, so this is a definite win-win for both you and your cat. The hand craftsmanship is beautiful, and add in one super adorable kitty and your home will have some serious cuteness overload going on.

With 99% of pet parents on Chewy falling head over heels in love with this bed, it’s made our job of finding flaws pretty darn difficult. But if our lives depended on us coming up with something then the lanolin smell is worth pointing out as there’s a small chance your cat may not be a fan. Also, if you have a cat who’s a little more portly than petite then they may find this cave a bit too snug for their liking.

Those small drawbacks aside, you’ve got yourself one seriously desirable cat bed that is well worth the investment. 

best cat bed

(Image credit: Bedsure)

Bedsure Pet Tent Cave

Best budget cat bed

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.7 | Hypoallergenic: Yes

Washable plush inner cushion
Made from super comfortable 100% microfiber and high-density foam
Non-skid base
Not great for larger cats due to size of cushion

An affordable cat bed that’s also durable enough to last for years? Yes please! Unlike other cheaper options that are more likely to last a season than a lifetime, Bedsure has created the perfect retreat made from microfiber material and quality high-density foam that will ensure this sturdy structure goes the distance. 

We love that it’s simple to set up and also collapsable, which makes for easy storage and portability, and the super soft cushion can be easily removed, making this a breeze to clean. The igloo design provides plenty of privacy, so it’s ideal when your cat wants to retreat from the world, or if you have a skittish kitten who needs to feel safe and secure while they slowly build up their confidence.

If you have a fur baby who moves around a lot then you’ll be pleased to know that the anti-slip bottom will keep this bed firmly in place on even the most polished of wooden floors. If you have a lightweight kitty then the leather strap means you can easily pick this bed up, cat and all, and move it to another room – perfect if you’re wanting to vacuum without disturbing your paw-tners siesta. 

Now, while this bargain buy may have a whole lot going for it, it’s not completely flawless. The high-quality cushion, plush as it may be, does take up a fair bit of room so this bed is best for cats 5kg and under. If your cat falls into that category and you’re looking for a cat bed that will stand the test of time with little financial outlay, then just like in the 80s version of Monopoly we’re giving you a free pass to skip the pricey options and head straight to Go to collect this bed. The best part? It won’t cost you $200!

best cat bed

(Image credit: Arkmiido)

Arkmiido Pet Teepee

Best tent cat bed

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.7 | Machine Washable: Yes | Easy to Assemble: Yes

Compact and lightweight
Tent can be closed
Sturdy design
Chalk not included

We’re not sure cat beds come any cuter than this one. We mean really, a canvas cotton teepee with poles made from New Zealand pine, a thick comfy cushion, and doors that can be closed and fastened with a stylish toggle? What’s not to love? 

Available in a variety of adorable patterns and with a chalkboard that you can customize with your cat’s name, this trendy teepee will rock any room it’s placed in, from the home to the office. If that’s not incentive enough, imagine camping under the stars around a crackling fire with your mini-me in their own little tent right beside you. We’re not sure life gets any better than that. 

The lightweight and compact design makes this bed easy to move around, and don’t worry if you missed out on the DIY gene. Putting the teepee together is a breeze, and it doesn’t require any tools, which, if you’re anything like us, has you breathing a sigh of relief.

Made from canvas that is durable and breathable, it also holds up well if you have a fur baby who has a penchant for biting and scratching anything it can sink its teeth or claws into. You can also add extra style to the teepee by popping in a cosy rug, and even decorating it with fairy lights if you like the idea of making a feature out of one corner of your living room. 

We can see why this teepee is such a hit with pet parents, and there isn’t much we don’t love about this adorable offering from Arkmiido. Throwing in a stick of chalk for the board would be a nice touch, but it’s definitely not a dealbreaker, and while the canvas may fade over time if exposed to lots of sunlight or frequent washing, that’s not a biggie in the grand scheme of things. 

So, if you’re after a cat bed that’s more than a little unique then we can’t recommend this one enough. We reckon it’s likely to get both the thumbs up from you and the paws up from your kitty. 

best cat bed

(Image credit: Best Friends by Sheri)

Best Friends By Sheri Ortho Comfort

Best self-warming cat bed

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.3 | Chewy Rating: 100% | Machine Washable: Yes

Made with comfortable Sherpa fabric
Offers support and comfort
Available in a wide range of colors
The entry lip is 9 inches high, which may be too tall for cats with arthritis or mobility issues

Cat napping just got a whole lot cosier thanks to this comfortable bed from Best Friends by Sheri that will send your kitty straight to nap nirvana. From the supportive design to the premium quality materials, and a selection of colors that range from eye popping to subdued, it’s easy to see why it has a 100% satisfaction score on Chewy.

Made with ultra-soft and cosy Sherpa fabric, designed to mimic the comfort of a mother's fur and aid better sleep, this is a great bed for cats who like a warm and supportive space to rest their head. The high 12-inch rear wall helps ease joint pain, while the 9-inch front delivers head and neck support. We love that it adapts to the way your kitty likes to sleep, so whether they’re curled up in a ball or sprawled out on their sides, the Ortho Comfort bed will adjust to the shape of your cat's body. 

The fully waterproof bottom makes this a fantastic option for cats who, due to age or injury, suffer from incontinence, and it means that you don’t have to worry about it seeping through onto your carpet. It’s also tough enough to be machine washable and able to be thrown in the dryer, which makes it easy to get rid of odor, dirt, and fur. 

While this is a great option if you have an older cat with joint pain or an indoor cat who simply likes to snuggle up while they snooze, the 9-inch entry lip means you may need to think about purchasing a cat ramp to help your cat get in and out if they suffer from mobility issues or arthritis. 

If that doesn’t pose an issue for you, though, then this is a fantastic bed that will leave your fur baby feeling as snug as a bug in a rug. 

best cat bed

(Image credit: K&H)

K&H EZ Mount Penthouse Kitty Sill

Best hanging cat bed

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.7 | Chewy Rating: 96% | Maximum Weight: 60 lb

Suction cups make installation to any glass surface a breeze
Plush microfleece sleeping surface
Double-sided mesh windows for indoor and outdoor views
One of the more expensive models on the market

Premium penthouse living? Why, don’t mind if I do! Okay, so your cat may not actually be able to say that to you but believe us, that’s what they’ll be thinking as they leap their way to the top floor of this hanging bed.

This double-deck window bed is held by six suction cups, four attached to the penthouse itself, and two supported by sturdy wires, and the twist and lock design means you can rest assured your cat will be safe and sound as they scale new heights. The secure built-in ledge means your kitty can get on and off easily, and the open mesh windows offer indoor and outdoor views. 

The penthouse comes with a top and a lower bunk, making it a great addition to multi-cat households, and the fleece offers maximum comfort. While the top fleece is a liner that’s stitched to the bed, the lower one comes in the form of a plush pad which can be removed for washing. We love that this hanging bed collapses when taken down for easy storage, great if you’re going on holiday and want to take your pampered pet and their penthouse with you.

Now, all this luxury living does come with a few drawbacks, namely the price. It is definitely one of the more expensive window sill beds out there, and with any hanging bed safety is always something to be mindful of, but the latter is easily addressed by ensuring you reposition and reattach the suction cups on a monthly basis. You can also start off by hanging this only a short distance off the ground until you feel more comfortable of its staying power, which many a satisfied pet parent will assure you is excellent.

If neither of those two things are massive sticking points for you then the purchase of this penthouse is sure to earn you massive brownie points with your kitty.

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge product shot

(Image credit: Petfusion)

PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Best multi-cat bed

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.8 | Chewy Rating: 100% | Eco-Friendly: Yes

Made from eco-friendly recycled and recyclable corrugated cardboard
Heavy duty
Reversible for twice the scratching area
Not recommended for small spaces

If you have a couple of inseparable besties on your hands then you’re going to love this design from PetFusion, which offers the ultimate in co-sleeping comfort and interactive play for your kitty kings and queens.

Made of 120 layers of 2-millimeter-thick recycled corrugated cardboard, this eco-friendly and non-toxic scratcher and lounge will happily accommodate up to four cats. The attractive sleek design and neutral color scheme make it a perfect addition to the modern home and the addition of catnip leaf is genius, irresistibly drawing your cats and their claws away from the sides of your sofa and towards this scratcher like bees to honey. 

While it may seem a little pricey, you’re getting two products in one here: a scratcher and a bed. The cardboard is dense and will withstand around a year of scratching, and it’s also reversible, meaning you can flip it over and use the underside when the topside starts to get worn, prolonging its lifespan. It’s also super sturdy, so no matter whether your cats are petite or slightly more portly, it can hold them all.

We love the unique curved design of this product, which makes it easier for cats to scratch and stretch out on, and the overwhelmingly positive reviews across multiple channels have us convinced that you and your cats will love this as much as other pet parents and their paw-tners do. 

But yes, there are of course a few drawbacks. It’s not the best choice if you have a small space, unless you’re feeling adventurous and fancy fixing it to your wall, and being made of cardboard, you may also find that you have to vacuum around it a bit more frequently to suck up the remnants of your cats’ scratching sprees. But if you’re looking to do away with separate beds, scratchers, and toys, and replace it with one product that does it all, then this lounge is well worth the price tag.

AmazinglyCat marshmallow cat bedPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: AmazinglyCat )

AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed

Best marshmallow cat bed

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.5 | Machine Washable: Yes

Stylish, cosy design
Comes with a free self-warming blanket and a toy
Suitable for pets up to 30lbs
Non-slip bottom
Easy to clean
Design not to every pet owner's taste
Could be available in more colors
Product can struggle to retain shape

When it comes to marshmallow cat beds there's certainly plenty of options out there to choose from. However, the AmazinglyCat Marshmallow Cat Bed stands out with its dreamy candy-colored design and soft fluffy body that's loved by the most important customer of all: your feline friend.

The bed comes with an adorable free toy and star patterned blanket that sweetens the deal, but ultimately the product is a great choice on its own for felines looking for a cosy place to call their own thanks to its large size and soft mix of polyester, fleece and cotton. 

Granted, the design choices here won't suit every pet owner's tastes. The product would benefit from having an additional series of basic colors to suit every kind of interior. 

Some pet owners have reported experiencing issues with the vacuum-packed product retaining shape but its raised sides and 23 inches of comfortable, cosy filling is generally agreed to offer a warm and cosy enclosure for your furkid to stretch out and feel secure in true style. 

best cat bed Primetime PetzPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Primetime Petz )

Primetime Petz Raised Indoor Pet Bed

Best raised cat bed

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.5 | Machine Washable: Yes

Reversible cover
Cover can be machine washed

With its stylish yet subtle design, the Primetime Petz Raised Indoor Pet Bed will fit into any room with ease. Its raised design featuring a fabric center may cause some concern for pet owners who have cats on the larger side, but you'll be pleasantly surprised by how this sturdy this cat bed actually is. Two felines should be able to use this bed without hitting the floor.

If do find the fabric dipping a little more than you'd like, you can simply tighten the straps to get a better balance.  

For cat owners who find their feline turns their nose up at cozy cave-like designs, the Primetime Petz Raised Indoor Pet Bed offers a great alternative that's accessible to reach, even for elderly cats. 

Keep it clean by removing the cover and popping it in the machine or vacuum and use a wet rag, it's easy to clean. Simply detach the cover and flip it over to use another stylish design. 

cat bedPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Rosewood)

Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed

Best cat bed for radiators

Available Online: Yes | Amazon Star Rating: 4.5 | Machine Washable:

Easy to assemble 
Keeps kitty off the ground 
Allows cats some privacy 
 May not be suitable for heavy cats 

Cat beds which hook over the radiator give kitties two key advantages: a warm place for them to rest their weary bones (assuming you have the radiator turned on) and somewhere up high for them to assess the kingdom they'll have most likely created within your home.

Even so, they don't suit all cats because most of them are open and simply provide a padded platform. Not the Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed! This product takes sleeping next to a radiator to the next level by providing a stylish-looking enclosed space and, judging by the comments from users, cats absolutely love it.

After all, it's still keeping your fur baby off the ground and ensuring they stay warm but it also adds a little bit of privacy. We say “little” because there is a hole in the top where your cat can pop his or her head through but there is ample room either side for them to remain out of sight if they so wish.

We also like that the bed is largely eco-friendly since it's made from slats of bamboo and eco fibre. It's also very easy to clean thanks to the removable inner lining which can be popped into a washing machine. Users report few problems assembling the bed and it'll fit most radiators too. Of course, there are some who say their cat won't go near it but then felines are rather fickle, after all.

How to choose the best cat bed

Given how many hours of beauty sleep most kitties like to clock up, choosing the right place for them to lay their heads is critical. Just like when it comes to picking your own bed, there’s a few features you’ll be wanting to look out for when selecting the best bed for your feline fur baby.

First and foremost, consider the size of your cat. If they’re on the larger size then you likely won’t want a small cave type bed that’s going to be hard for them to maneuver in. Similarly, if your cat is on the more petite side, or likes to feel snug and cosy, then a sprawling lounger may not be the best pick.

A cat bed that is self-warming through your kitty’s body heat or powered by electricity are excellent choices if you have an older cat, or one who suffers from arthritis, as the warmth will help ease joint pain.

The age and temperament of your cat are also worth taking into consideration. Kittens and cats with more shy dispositions may benefit from hooded beds or those with high sides that will help them feel safe and secure, whereas more sociable and outgoing cats may prefer hanging beds where they can keep an eye on what’s going on around them and be part of the action. 

Finally, durability and washability are worth thinking about. You’ll likely want something that will go the distance and withstand lots of wear and tear. If you have a cat who is prone to shedding a lot of fur, or one who may suffer with incontinence, then consider selecting a bed that can be easily washed and dried.

At the end of the day, no matter what cat bed you decide to purchase, the most important factor is that it gets the big paws up from your four-legged companion. After all, a happy cat equals a happy you. 

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Kathryn is a freelance writer with a passion for creating health and wellness, travel and wildlife content. Originally from New Zealand, her nomadic lifestyle has her currently fur baby-less. She scratches her pet parent itch by stealing frequent cuddles with any neighbourhood cat kind enough to indulge her.