Megan Milstead

Megan Milstead

Staff Writer

Megan is Staff Writer on PetsRadar and has a wealth of experience looking after animals.

She’s a self-certified crazy cat lady and is attached to the hip with her tabby, Nala (who is all she talks about). She’s fascinated with cat behavior and has spent hours on end researching the meaning behind her cats’ every move. Megan is passionate about animal wellness and always goes the extra mile to ensure her pets are happy (even if it means letting them sleep on her bed). She loves a good TikTok challenge and enjoys putting them to the test on her two friendly cats, Nala and Chilli.

She has loved animals all of her life and has had a variety of pets, including horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and fish, and is committed to bringing her expansive knowledge to PetsRadar. Growing up, she enjoyed competing in horse riding competitions which took her all across the UK and taught her everything she knows about horse care and training. Writing about animals has been a lifelong passion for Megan, who spent her childhood creating poetry, articles, and stories about her pets. 

After studying journalism for five years at university and college, Megan interned at a range of publications, such as Cosmopolitan, before starting her career as a news reporter at My Local News and Vision Lifestyle Magazine. Before joining PetsRadar, she was Beauty Assistant on the editorial team at Harrods and has spent most of her career writing for specialized titles, like Running Shoes Guru, Mr After Party, and Licklist.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her cats, learning new recipes, and training at the gym. Megan is also passionate about beauty and fashion and is often found making her own clothes, learning about skincare, or trying new make-up trends. As a former Jack Russell Terrier owner, she enjoys going on dog walks with her friends who have a Miniature Schnauzer and Chihuahua. 

She is passionate about finding the answers for pet owners and providing reliable content they can count on. 

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