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Best teething toys for puppies: Soothe and distract from your pup's discomfort

best teething toys for puppies
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If your new canine has turned into a tiny terror, consider picking up teething toys for puppies as an ideal solution for everyone.

Between the ages of 8 weeks and 6 months puppies go through the teething phase meaning even the most docile of dogs will be liable to chew everything in sight. 

Just like us humans, puppies also have baby teeth that will all eventually fall out to make room for their adult teeth. Puppy teething lasts until all of their baby teeth have grown through, usually around the six month mark.

In the meantime, it's important to relieve the pain of teething and redirect their need to chew by providing a puppy teether. This works not only to relieve the pain and sensitivity in their mouth, but often restores harmony to our homes too!

The best teething toys for puppies are the ones that are soft but durable, that offer an entertaining distraction from your favorite shoes and ultimately help to soothe your pup. Other brilliant puppy toys include ones designed for tackling anxiety and boredom; be sure to opt for a good variety of different toy types to keep young pups busy.   

For further advice on how to tackle teething in puppies, our top teething puppy tips are a must-read. 

Read on for a full rundown of the perfect puppy teether toys, including features, price point and an evaluation of durability. 

PetsRadar's pick of the best teething toys for puppies

  • Best overall teething toy for puppies: Kong Natural Teething Rubber Puppy Toy 
  • Best puppy teether for aggressive chewers: CPYOSN Durable Dog Chew Toy
  • Best stylish teething toy for puppies: Jcheupet Puppy Teething Toys
  • Best cooling teething toy for puppies: NWK Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy for Dogs
  • Best puppy teether for small dogs: Nylabone Just for Puppies Teething Chew Toy 

best teething toys for puppiesBest buy award

(Image credit: Kong)

KONG Natural Teething Rubber Puppy Toy

Best overall teething toy for puppies

Material: Soft rubber | Size: 3.4 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches | Weight: 0.1g

Soft but tough material
Trusted brand
Can be messy and smelly

The puppy equivalent of the best-selling KONG toy for grown dogs, this version features a soft rubber formula that is specially customized for a growing pup's baby teeth and gums. 

Like its grown-up counterpart, what makes KONG so great for pet owners and dog alike is the ability to stuff it with kibble or gooey homemade dog treats. Simply pop in your canine's preferred grub and watch them go. 

Not only this is puppy teether a great dog chew toy, ideal for distracting them from chewing through your entire household, it's also a fantastic mental game keeping them entertained for hours. 

You can use it to play fetch, or simply let your pup play and dig out the contents to their heart's delight; the durability of the rubber will withstand even the roughest canine teeth, whilst being soft enough to soothe them.

The main drawback here lies in the product's key selling point. If you'd rather not fill your Kong with gooey DIY produce due to mess and smell, then this might not be for you.  

best teething toys for puppies: CPYOSNaward

(Image credit: CPYOSN)

CPYOSN Durable Dog Chew Toy

Best puppy teether for aggressive chewers

Material: Rubber | Size: 5 x 5 x 1.57 inches | Weight: 258g

Extra durable
Great for large breeds
Enticing beef smell
Multiple colors
No mess
Heavy for small breeds

If you're looking for one of the best durable toys out there, then look no further than the CPYOSN Durable Dog Chew Toy.

This puppy teether is made from thick, ultra tough natural rubber which is hard enough to withstand even the most destructible dog breed's teeth whilst retaining flexibility.

The bumps and grooves built into the ring's design are fantastic here, helping to massage gums and clean teeth. You can let your pup tear into it without fear of damaging their teeth or causing a chaotic mess around your home.

There's no stuffing inside, no squeakers, no need to use messy food inside and the beef scent is purely for canines. 

Available in two bright colors, the chew ring remains intact even when given to the rowdiest pups so it presents fantastic long-lasting value, particularly at its attractive price point.  

Do note, however, that smallers breeds may find they've bitten off more than they can chew since the ring is on the heavier side.

best teething toys for puppiesPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: Jcheupet)

Jcheupet Puppy Teething Toys

Best stylish teething toy for puppies

Material: Thermoplastic rubber | Size: 7.5 x 5.3 x 2.1 inches | Weight: 177g

Cute design
Fairly durable
Lots of fun
Great value
Can show signs of wear and tear

With their super stylish exterior and cute candy colors, the Jcheupet Puppy Teething Toys make for charming gender reveal toys for doting dog parents everywhere.

If you care about gender when it comes to your canine's toys, you'll love the shades of pink, blue and yellow.

Fortunately, they're not just pretty on the eye but are excellent teething toys for puppies owing to their durability. For pups who love to chew, these puppy teethers are generally tough, fun and sturdy. 

If your pup is in a particularly chewy mood, however, expect signs of wear and tear to emerge.

Nevertheless, they present great value for pup owners with three pieces included within a very affordable price tag.   

best puppy teetherPets Radar Approved Award

(Image credit: NWK)

NWK Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy

Best cooling teething toy for puppies

Material: Thermoplastic rubber | Size: 4.92 x 4.92 x 1.26 inches | Weight: 158g

Cooling action ideal for heatwaves
Tough and durable
Great for larger dogs
Not ideal for smaller breeds

Ideal for summer, the NWK Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy is like a cool water sports accessory for canines. 

It's a tough chewing ring with water inside that's perfect for throwing to your pooch outdoors or opt to freeze it instead and it becomes a stress-busting cooling aid for your pup.

The cooling action provides extra relief during the teething stage, while its thick design is naturally extra durable for dog chewing.

Expect a toy that's on the larger side, however. If your puppy is perfectly petite over full-bodied, they might find this more than a mouthful. 

Nylabone Just for Puppies Teething Chew Toy

Best puppy teether for small dogs

Material: Thermoplastic polymer | Size: 5.38 x 1.5 x 2.38 inches | Weight: 82g

Great for small pups
Fun design 
Generally solid design
Bacon flavoring 
Could be more durable

Ideal for smaller dog breeds, the Nylabone Just for Puppies Teething Chew Toy weighs in at a light 82 grams.

One of the most stylish teething toy for puppies on the list, its key design is fun and colorful with the long bendable shapes ideal for pups who find other shapes difficult to hold in the mouth. They'll love carrying it back to their cosy den to own and to chew.

Fortunately, this toy is built for a canine's grip. Made from thermoplastic polymer, its solid and durable enough for the most part to withstand even a mini teething monster's jaws.

Pet owners will likely want to supervise use, however, as some dog parents have noticed their pups chewing off pieces.