Retired Greyhound gets her own running ground and immediately comes out of her shell

Greyhound gets her own running ground
(Image credit: Instagram / @milliethenoodlehorse)

Adorable retired racing Greyhound, Millie the Noodlehorse, found her forever family five years ago. 

Starting off timid, she eventually came around to her new family after they showed her unconditional love and joy, taking her on trips to the park, pet shops and the beach. 

Greyhounds usually retire between the ages of three to five and will not have experienced a home environment in these early years. Often they are left in a kennel along with other dogs and it is not uncommon for them to be muzzled the entire time. 

This means they can take a while to adjust to a loving home life and being loving and gentle dogs by nature, are very sensitive pups who need a lot of patience!  Once they adjust, however, they are chilled, gentle, loyal, loving and make wonderful pets.


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As a retired racing dog, Millie had only experienced racing life and, until now, rented apartments as home with her forever family.

Millie was initially hesitant to move out of the flat she knew as home, and historically isn’t a fan of the change moving brings with it. According to her TikTok, she is afraid she will be left behind.

But, after a very long car ride, Millie was introduced to her brand new home, complete with a gigantic back garden for her to run about in (Greyhounds, of course, LOVE to run!) and she honestly doesn’t know what to do with herself.


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Look how happy she is!


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Finally, she has the life she deserves! According to her owner, the nervous pup was terrified to race and is much happier in her loving home, calling Millie “by far my greatest decision.”

Many TikTokers have chipped in about how happy they are for Millie to have been saved from a life of racing, and have found such a wonderful home.

 Savannah said: “We rescued ours from racing too, she was abused so bad & had to fend for her own food. Also has a tattoo in her ear.”

Alma de Hippie said: “As a fellow retiree owner, you rock”, to which Millie’s owner replied: “You as well!!! This dog has changed my life in the best way.”

You can keep up with Millie via her TikTok and Instagram account, and if you are interested in adopting one of these wonderful dogs, there are many charities who specialise in rescuing retired racing dogs, such as The Greyhound Trust in the UK and American Greyhound in the US.