Reas the Whippet crowned Fastest Dog in America with speedy Winston in close pursuit

Reas the Fastest Dog in America
(Image credit: American Kennel Club)

It turns out that the title of ‘Fastest Dog in America’ is one that’s highly coveted, with a number looking to seize the crown.

Taking place on September 16 in Kannapolis, hosted by ABC at the Atrium Health Ballpark in North Carolina, pooches of all shapes and sizes competed for the title of speediest dog.

With 15 dogs taking part in the main event – the top dog from the 14 fastest breeds, plus the previous year’s winner – competition was steep, and the contestants fleet of foot, but ultimately there could only be one winner.

And that winner was Reas, a whippet from Michigan City, Indiana, who clocked twin times over the 100-yard dash of 5.878 and 5.816 seconds, averaging a speed of 34.98 miles per hour.

Speaking after the victory, his owner, Lindsay Gluth, said, “It was certainly a week to remember. We love that he has been able to do all these things, and do them well. Even better, he has never been injured or hurt playing all the sports he loves.”

“What he’s accomplished this year is an incredible feeling. We are proud, thrilled, and excited for what the next year will bring. Everyone has the best dog, but he’s a special dog. The one that changes the game for you and makes you want to do more, train better, and travel a little further.”

In second place was another whippet, Winston from Clarksburg, New Jersey, who had a combined average time of 5.939 seconds (or 34.44mph).

In addition to the main event, there were Fast CAT courses for certain breeds, with Romeo the Golden Retriever, Ruby the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and Angelique the Basset Hound coming top in their respective categories.

Judging by the amount of drama on show, we’ll definitely be tuning in next year!

Steve Wright

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