Monster Rottweiler puppy stuns TikTok users

Monster Rottweiler puppy Bosco being held by his owner
(Image credit: bossdiggitydawg/TikTok)

He may only be 15-weeks-old, but a monster Rottweiler puppy has floored netizens who are comparing him to a bear cub after his owner shared a video of herself cuddling the newest addition to her family. 

In a short clip uploaded to TikTok, Bosco’s owner can be seen struggling to hold him in her arms while the young pup, oblivious to just how heavy he is, gazes adoringly into the camera with his tongue poking out.

The video, captioned ‘gonna be a big boy!’ and set to Blink 182’s ‘What’s My Age Again?’ has already been viewed over 13,000 times and has received more than 2,000 likes. 


♬ What's My Age Again? - blink-182

TikTokers have been left amazed by the pups' mammoth size and have been speculating on just how big he might grow to be once he reaches adulthood, with one user saying “That’s a classic Rottie Bear Cub right there. Lol. Handsome boy. He’s going to be huge.”

Others were willing to throw their hat into the ring with estimates for the weight they think big Bosco will reach, with a fellow Rottie owner saying “He is gorgeous. He is going to be between 140 to 160 lbs. My last rottie was 80 lbs at 6 months and weighed 160 lbs at 2 years old.”

The average weight of a male Rottweiler is between 50-60kgs, but at the rate Bosco appears to be growing, it's clear that he may well exceed that. 

Thankfully, with a TikTok account named bossdiggitydawg, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of this Australian-based Rottie in the months to come, so we won’t be kept in suspense for too long!

Kathryn Williams
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