Meet the 180lb giant Bully dog attempting to smash his Dad's weight record

Giant Bully dog Romper with his family at ProBulls
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He may have died two years ago, but giant Bully dog Kong left behind a rival for the title of the world’s heaviest Bully, his son, Romper. Weighing in at a hefty 182lbs, Kong was the beloved star attraction at Tennessee-based ProBulls, but now Romper is getting set to steal his fathers crown and the hearts of his fans.

Cullen and Candace are the husband and wife team behind ProBulls, a world-renowned kennel that specializes in breeding top quality XXL Pit Bulls and American Bullies. With over 18 years of experience, all the puppies at their kennel are raised in a family setting to ensure the best temperament.

And while there are usually around 30 dogs on site at any one time, it’s Romper that holds the dearest place in their hearts. “Romper is a renowned Bully. I think he’s a dog that most would like to own. He’s the current biggest dog that we have but it’s not his weight that makes him special as much as what he’s able to produce.”

Romper's son, Cane (known affectionately by the family as Snowball due to his white color), is just 17 months old and already tipping the scales at an impressive 170lbs and Cullen believes he has the potential to one day be bigger than his father. “Only time will tell. Matching Romper's numbers is going to be hard but this boy has all the potential in the world to do it.”

But right now, all eyes are on Romper as the day Cullen and Candace have been waiting for finally arrives - it’s time to weigh their boy and see if he has managed to surpass his father, Kong.

“Romper has the wow factor. Most people think they have an idea of how big these guys can get, yet until they’re here in person and really see, it’s hard to believe,” Cullen explains. “If Romper surpasses 182lb, he’ll finally outdo the legend, his father, Kong.”

And sure enough, when Cullen leads Romper onto the scale, the giant Bully clocks in at 183.4lbs. “The numbers will continue to grow,” says Cullen. “He’s not done maturing yet. If any dog was going to do it, I knew it would be him. I think the 190lb mark is well within reach.”

Cullen and Candace have no plans to slow down any time soon, saying they’re committed to providing dog owners with big Bully’s that have “wow factor” and are “mind-blowing, traffic-stopping, street-stoppers.”

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