The moment a 130lb Cane Corso falls in love with tiny foster kitten is melting hearts online

Cane Corso falls in love with tiny foster kitten as the two sit staring at each other
(Image credit: TikTok/normthehousehippo)

It’s not every day you get to watch the moment a huge Cane Corso falls in love with a pocket-sized foster kitten, which is why a TikTok video showing just that is sending warm fuzzy feelings around the globe.

Gaining millions of views and likes since it was posted a few days ago, the clip, set to Natasha Bedingfield’s ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’, shows the sweet and unlikely friendship between 130lb Cane Corso Norm and a 0.5lb kitten named Sonic.

In the short video, Sonic can be seen sitting in front of Norm’s face as the mammoth dog gazes lovingly into the little kitten's eyes. Norm then sits patiently while Sonic gently paws at his face. 


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♬ Pocketful of Sunshine - Natasha Bedingfield

Unlike most cats and dogs, these two seem calm and at ease around each other, which has caused an outpouring of emotion from people who can’t get enough of this adorable duo.

One user called Emma wrote: “She’s going to be a failed foster, I can see it now, they’re gonna be besties for life,” while Hiitsme added: “Why is this making me cry? Sweet gentle giant 🥰.”

Norm’s mum Julia had no idea how he’d react to a kitten but was keen to give it a go. "We knew that our Mastiff, Norm is very gentle with children and puppies, but he had never met a kitten that young before. We introduced them and watched them closely to make sure the kitten was safe. The kitten sensed Norm's body heat, and immediately curled up next to him. Norm sniffed him, then rested his head gently over the kitten to keep him warm. He was very careful not to step on the kitten, and he instantly started acting like a mother," 

Captioning the clip with the words ‘My 130lb foster fail mastiff falling in love with my ½ lb foster kitten’ soon drew in knowing comments from netizens, with one user writing: “Correction your dog adopted a kitten. Lol so sweet,” and another TikToker adding: “and we have a brand new foster fail! Congratulations on your tiny new family member!

But while netizens are keen for Sonic to be adopted by Julia as Norm’s forever friend, she says she’s decided against it.

"I'm trying to spread the message that yes, I ended up adopting Norm, but that was because I had the time and room in my house to give him the best life possible. We currently have one dog and two cats, and adding a third cat would put stress on our adult cats. You can't keep every foster animal and continue to foster," said Julia.

Instead, Sonic will be going to Julia’s close friend, a fellow veterinary technician who has a Boxer dog who Sonic has already met and fallen in love with.

"Norm will get to have play dates with Sonic, and watch him grow up, just not under the same roof. Sonic has not left our care yet, but he will be leaving soon. I hope that Norm will get the chance to help many kittens like Sonic in the future grow strong, and find loving homes."

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