Pets at Home Black Friday deals 2021: Treat your fur baby to a little something special

pets at home black friday deals
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The Pets at Home Black Friday deals are well worth checking out if you're wanting to stock up on pet food or treat your kitty or canine companion to a snuggly new bed to keep them all warm and cozy this winter.

This years Black Friday Pet deals are seeing some jaw-dropping savings across all the big name brands and Pets at Home are no exception with up to 30% of a great range of products, plus get 10% off accessories when you spend £30 or more by using the code BLACKFRIDAY10 at the checkout.

We'll be keeping an eye on Pets at Home across the weekend as we head into Cyber Monday and updating this guide with all the latest and greatest deals as they roll out, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly to snap up those bargains as they come up.

But for now, let's take a closer look at the savings being offered up by Pets at Home this Black Friday...

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Pet food

Hill's Science Plan Dry Adult Stomach and Skin Medium Breed Dog Food 14kg

Hill's Science Plan Dry Adult Stomach and Skin Medium Breed Dog Food 14kg
RRP: £46.99 | Now: £42.00 | Save: £4.99
If you have a doggy who suffers from food sensitivities or tends to have a delicate digestive system, then this gentle formula from Hill's Science is just the ticket. With prebiotic fibre to fuel beneficial gut bacteria and support a balanced microbiome and Vitamin E and Omega-6 for skin nourishment, this kibble ticks all the boxes.


Lily's Kitchen Complete Dry Adult Cat Food Chicken Casserole 2kg
RRP: £21.49 | Now: Buy 1 get 1 half price
Made with 65% freshly chicken and 5% chicken liver, this triangle-shaped kibble features seaweed to help reduce plaque and parsley to freshen the breath. It's also high in vitamins and minerals, is grain-free and has a healthy and limited ingredient list. 


Pedigree Adult Complete Dry Dog Food with Chicken and Vegetables 12kg
RRP: £20.99 | Now: Get two for £35.00 | Save: £6.98
With all the essential nutrients to support optimal digestion, a healthy skin and coat, a strong immune system and good dental care, this complete and balanced kibble contains no artificial colors or flavors and has a delicious meaty taste your canine companion will love.


Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food Chicken and Wholegrains 6kg
RRP: £32.99 | Now: £26.00 | Save: £6.99
Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of adult cats, this tasty kibble has been specifically formulated to help support your cat's immune system and keep their urinary tract healthy. With Omega 6 fatty acids and zinc for healthy skin and a shiny coat, the kibble also has a unique abrasive surface that reduces tartar build-up by 40%.


Harringtons Hypoallergenic Grain Free Chicken Dog Food 15kg
RRP: £41.69 | Now: £36.00 | Save: £5.69
This grain-free food is ideal for dogs with delicate digestive systems and comes with a limited ingredient list to reduce the likelihood of your pup experiencing a stomach upset. Suitable for dogs over the age of eight weeks, it has been carefully formulated to provide wholesome nutrition with no artificial colours, flavours, dairy, soya and wheat.


Wainwright's Adventurer Cat Igloo Bed

Wainwright's Adventurer Cat Igloo Bed
RRP: £28.00 | Now: £21.00 | Save: £7.00 (25%)
Your cat will love you forever if you purchase them this warm and cozy igloo-style bed with a snuggly removable inner pad. Machine washable, it offers a stylish country-chic design and a plush interior that will leave your kitty feeling like they're sleeping on a cloud.

Pets at Home Hooded Cat Litter Tray

Pets at Home Hooded Cat Litter Tray
RRP: £12.00 | Now: £10.00 | Save: £2.00 (17%)
With an integrated handle, filter and door, this hooded cat litter box is deep enough to help reduce scatter and is easy to clean. 

Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml

Pet Remedy Calming Spray 200ml
RRP: £18.50 | Now: Buy 1 get 1 half price | Save: £9.25
Containing Valerian essential oil blended with Vetiver, Sweet Basil and Sage, this calming spray is great for stressed out or anxious cats. The blend of essential oils work by mimicking the natural calming neuro-transmitter called GABA to calm the nerves and generate a soothing response within the body.

World's Best Corn Fine Granule Quick Clumping Cat Litter Original Unscented 12.7kg

World's Best Corn Fine Granule Quick Clumping Cat Litter Original Unscented 12.7kg
RRP: £31.49 | Now: £25.19 | Save: £6.30 (20%)
Quick clumping, easy scooping, and flushable, this 99% dust free formula offers outstanding odour control and is pet, people and planet friendly.


Rosewood Charcoal Felt Triple Cat Tower
RRP: £110.00 | Now: £99.00 | Save: £11.00 (10%) when you use the code BLACKFRIDAY10* at the checkout
Made form a combination of felt, wood and strong plaited paper rope, this cat tower is the perfect place for your kitty to scratch and play. With one covered and one uncovered bed, multiple platforms for your cat to lie on, two toys, and two scratching posts, this tower is great for both single and multi-cat households.



Wainwright's Self Heating Super Soft Plush Dog Blanket
RRP: £20.00 | Now: £14.00 | Save: £6.00 (30%)
This luxurious deep pile super soft plush blanket has been designed to be self heating to keep your dog warm and cosy all winter long. Beautifully snuggly and super stylish, it will look great in your dog's bed or crate.

Wainwright's Luxurious Woven Herringbone Dog Collar 

Wainwright's Luxurious Woven Herringbone Dog Collar 
RRP: £9.80 | Now: £14.00 | Save: £4.20 (30%)
Available in a range of sizes to suit small breed dogs like Chihuahuas all the way up to large collars to fit Labradors, this stylish herringbone collar finished with sturdy metalwork and tasteful leather trim will have your canine companion turning heads for all the right reasons.


Thundershirt The Best Solution For Dog Anxiety
RRP: £35.00 | Now: £29.75 | Save: £5.25 (15%)
If you have a anxious, fearful or over-excited dog, then this shirt that applies gentle pressure is well worth a try. Proven to help relieve the stress that dogs can feel around loud noises or when crate training or separated from their humans, the jacket is available in sizes S-XL.


Wainwright's Scallop Dog Bed Medium
RRP: £40.00 | Now: £28.00 | Save: £12.00 (30%)
This luxurious super soft plush pet bed features a cozy foam cushion for your dog to snuggle up into and high sides that provide a feeling of safety and security. Measuring 25 x 63 x 51cm, the bed is also available in a larger size that measures 27 x 73 x 56cm.


Wainwright's County Luxe Herringbone Weave Comfort Dog Harness
RRP: £14.00 | Now: £9.80 | Save: £4.20 (30%)
Luxurious woven herringbone combined with a soft plush lining make this the ultimate must-have winter fashion accessory for your pooch. There's a metal buckle for fastening and it's fully machine washable, plus you'll find it available in a wide range of sizes.

Adaptil Starter Pack Diffuser Unit and 30 Day Refill for Dogs and Puppies

Adaptil Starter Pack Diffuser Unit and 30 Day Refill for Dogs and Puppies
RRP: £25.50 | Now: £21.67 | Save: £3.83 (15%)
Scientifically proven to help support dogs during stressful situations, Adaptil contains a pheromone that soothes stressed and anxious pups and is great for use during fireworks and thunderstorms. Each vial lasts up to four weeks and you can use five refills before the diffuser needs to be replaced.

Wainwright's Luxurious Deep Pile Super Soft Plush Deep Dog Mattress Large

Wainwright's Luxurious Deep Pile Super Soft Plush Deep Dog Mattress Large
RRP: £50.00 | Now: £35.00 | Save: £15.00 (30%)
Keep your dog warm and cozy with this self-heating mattress that features an ultra-plush sleep surface and is made from durable material that's been designed to last. Measuring 12 x 100 x 75cm, it's also available in a smaller size that measures 12 x 80 x 65cm.

Small pets

Love Fish Vantage 94 Litre Aquarium

Love Fish Vantage 94 Litre Aquarium
RRP: £195.00 | Now: £145.00 | Save: £50.00 (25%)
Give your fishy friends the best home with this 94 litre aquarium that features double insulation, high performance LED lighting, a versatile and easy to use filtration system, and an algae prevention pad.


VetIQ Nibblots Carrot Treats For Small Animals 30g
RRP: £1.99 | Now: £1.49 | Save: $0.50 (25%)
Suitable for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice, each treat is comprised of a delicious crispy cereal shell containing a cream filled fruity centre with Omega 3. Available in a range of flavors, these treats are ideal for maintaining the health and wellbeing of your pocket-sized pet.

Pets at Home Black Friday deals: How it works

This year, Black Friday falls on the 26th of November with Cyber Monday following hot on its heels on the 29th of November. In the lead up to this bumper sales event and across the entire weekend, Pets at Home will be releasing some very competitive deals that are set to stack up very nicely against their major rivals, including Amazon, Walmart and Petco.

This is good news for pets, their owners and their owners’ wallets but do be aware that demand for online delivery this year will be hugely increased. So be sure to get your orders in early when buying online to avoid delays in the run up to Christmas.

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