Post-lockdown: What were the most popular puppy names?

Most popular puppy names - puppy lying on the grass with it's mouth open showing tongue
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With pet ownership soaring throughout lockdown, it’s quite likely that – if you were one of the thousands of people to welcome a furry addition to the family – your pooch may now have one of the most popular puppy names around!

Insurance company, GoCompare, carried out research into how many people purchased a lockdown pet, as well as their breed and what they were named. 

Here’s a round-up of the top ten puppy names that UK owners chose – is your canine’s name on here?

1. Luna

Claiming the top spot is Luna – a name which means ‘moon’ and was most commonly given to French Bulldogs, which were also the most purchased breed during lockdown within the UK. 

2. Bella

A staggering 1,492 people choose to name their pup Bella during lockdown, a name which translates as ‘beautiful’ in Italian.

3. Milo

A popular name for dogs (and cats, too), Milo is said to mean ‘fame’ or ‘glory’ in some Celtic languages and was most commonly given to Jack Russell's.

4. Teddy

Meaning ‘protector’ or ‘wealthy’, the name Teddy is most often associated with toy breeds, such as Shih Tzu’s, as a result of the famous stuffed teddy bears lovingly named after US President Theodore Roosevelt.   

5. Buddy

In the fifth spot is the name Buddy, which (unsurprisingly) means ‘friend’.

6. Lola

The shortened or nicknamed version of Dolores, Lola is also the name of a brand of dog toys, so it’s understandable as to why new owners were drawn to it. 

7. Coco

Meaning ‘the celebrated one’, Coco was found to be the most popular name given to Golden Retrievers and Dachshunds. 

8. Bailey

In eighth spot was the name Bailey, which (coincidentally) means ‘bailiff’ in Old English. 

9. Reggie

Last year, 779 canines were named Reggie, which is claimed to mean ‘ruler’s advisor’ – how very grand!

10. Charlie

A favourite amongst Labrador Retrievers, Boxers, King Charles spaniels, and Border Collies, Charlie means ‘free man’ in Old German language.

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