Dashing Romeo the cat labelled “too ugly to love" is proving his haters wrong

romeo the cat
(Image credit: Instagram / @romeothespecialkitten)

It wasn’t looking good for Romeo the cat. According to the locals, the fuzzy feline had watched his siblings all find homes, yet he was left behind because of his appearance.

That was until Laura Llácer came along. The director and co-founder of Santuario Campsón Animal, an animal shelter in Valencia, Spain, explained that “while we were on our way to a rescue, we ran into this kitten whose appearance was different from other cats and that’s why everyone rejected him”.

The sweet feline was born with a deformity that meant his face hadn’t developed as it should have. Living as a stray in the Spanish village they happened to be travelling through, Laura knew instantly that this chance meeting was meant to be.

“They told us nobody wanted him because he was too ugly”, Laura said. “But for us, Romeo is a lovely little kitty who likes to play like the rest of the cats, and their differences make it special.”

When Romeo moved into the animal sanctuary over a year ago, he settled in without any issues and is now loving his new life. 

“Romeo is very, very affectionate and behaves differently than other cats”, says Laura. “He remains a cat, but there’s something adorable in his behavior that reflects that lovely abnormality in appearance.”

“Of course, he suffers from a deformity, but that makes him different. That makes him unique.”

Most of the time, he spends his days being his playful, loving self all whilst trying to get the volunteer’s attention when they come to work at the sanctuary every day.

And it’s not just the humans that he’s friends with. Romeo gets to grow up surrounded by ducks, turkeys, cows, and all sorts of wonderful types of animals at the sanctuary.

Now, the jolly ginger cat has taken social media by storm and this “too ugly” feline is proudly showing the entire world how good looking he actually is. 

“What we know is that he is the most loving kitten we have ever known”, Laura proudly exclaimed. 

Chloe Petrylak

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