Tired of your dog jumping up at people? Trainer reveals how to put a stop to it (and it's easier than you think!)

Dog jumping up
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Dogs often jump up at people when they’re excited or energetic, and it’s likely that your pup means well when they do so.

However, as humans, we often don’t like dogs to jump up at us. It can be annoying and even potentially dangerous – particularly where older and more frail people are concerned. So, if your dog is a jumper, you might be wondering what you can do about it. Does it involve giving your pup some of the best dog treats, for example?

Fortunately, certified dog trainer Melissa Goodman of Mission Pawsitive has got some advice to share, and it’s simpler than you might think.

If you want to know how to stop a dog from jumping up, you’re in the right place! And management plays a large role, according to Goodman.

“Management is an important part of training to help set your dog up for success,” she begins in her caption. “A simple way to manage your dog’s ability to practice a behavior you may not want like jumping, is to simply step on their leash so they can’t successfully do it if they try.”

Goodman is working with a dog, Abby, when stopping to chat with a neighbor. By simply stepping on Abby’s leash, she’s unable to jump up at them. And, she rewards Abby for keeping all four of her paws on the ground while the neighbor is petting her, and for settling on her own.

As Goodman says, “Petting is stimulating, so I am catching her before the thought of jumping even forms in her mind.”

She explains that she tends to rely on training when it comes to teaching dogs to be calm, but that stepping on the leash is a valuable backup in the moment. It’s easier, too, than trying to pull a jumping dog away from someone, which isn’t fun for anyone involved!

Remember, too, that if your dog gets overly excited and struggles to respond to you, it’s fine to tell people not to interact with your dog. “A big part of setting your dog up to succeed is not putting them in situations that will be too difficult for them to do the right thing that will also likely encourage them to do the thing you don’t want,” Goodman sums up.

If you’re struggling with your dog jumping up at people, you might find this article useful: I tried everything to get my dog to stop jumping up, here’s what actually worked.

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