The UK officially has the laziest cats AND the most active dogs in Europe

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Look at a snoozing feline, and two questions immediately spring to mind. One, how on earth do you find that position comfortable? And two, are you the laziest cat on earth? 

The answer to the former remains a mystery, but pet GPS tracker Tractive has revealed a series of in-depth stats that can answer the latter. Yes, compared to the cats of France, Germany, and the rest of the EU, UK felines are officially the laziest of the bunch, with only 150 active minutes a day. This is compared to German cats, who spend a whopping 200 minutes a day in an active state. What are they doing in those extra 50 minutes? Do they have better cat trees? Fewer treats? Treadmills…?

In turn, predictably, UK cats have significantly higher rest times than their European counterparts. Where the EU average feline relaxation time is a respectable 1,043 minutes – or 17.4 hours – UK cats spend 1,075 minutes snoozing. That’s almost 18 hours of nap time. But that’s not all Tractive has uncovered. British cats are, like their human housemates, much more active during the day. European cats, meanwhile, have a siesta over lunchtime, which is when UK felines tend to be making the most of those precious 150 active minutes. 

Tractive pet stats

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Thankfully, the UK’s dogs aren’t also auditioning for a hairier version of Sleeping Beauty. In fact, compared to France, Germany, and the rest of the EU, Britain’s canine companions spend the most time in an active state with 177 minutes of exercise. There’s not quite the same glaring difference between countries here though. 

The rest of the EU is close behind with an average of 169 active minutes and Germany sitting at 160 minutes. Well, not literally sitting, but you get the idea. 

When it comes to specific breed stats, if you’ve got a Cavapoo, the ache in your legs will mean you’re nodding in agreement as they’re officially the most active dogs in the United Kingdom. At number 2, it’s the English Cocker Spaniel, followed by the Jack Russell Terrier, Rövidszörü Magyar Vizsla, and the English Springer Spaniel. The Vizsla is at the top of Germany’s most active list, while the rest of the EU has the Epagneul Breton as the most exercise-loving breed.      

But just because UK dogs come out fitter compared to the competition, it doesn’t mean they don’t spend a serious chunk of the day lying down. On average, our four-legged friends rest for an average 1144 minutes every single day. That’s a lot of Netflix. Tractive has also discovered that UK dogs grab their pyjamas and head to bed significantly earlier than other European countries. UK canines prefer a 6pm bedtime compared to 8pm everywhere else and, once they’re settled, they pretty much stay peaceful.  

UK dogs also measure up well in the weight department compared to their European counterparts. Those extra active minutes mean that the average weight of a labrador retriever here is 62lbs compared to 64lb in Germany, 68lbs in France, and 66lbs in the rest of the EU. And across multiple breeds, the UK’s dogs are an average 4lbs lighter than those in the EU. Anyone up for some dog ice cream to celebrate?

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