These Mother’s Day flowers are toxic to pets

A grey cat playing with flowers in a vase
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Make sure the flowers you send (or receive) this Mother’s Day aren’t toxic to cats and dogs, as some can present a very real danger to beloved pets.

Many popular blooms can actually cause serious harm to our furry friends, affecting their overall health and well-being. Once cats or dogs ingest or come into close contact with these common flowers, they could experience toxic poisoning, diarrhoea, skin irritation, seizures and even organ failure. 

Experts from GoCompare Pet Insurance have urged pet owners to take caution over keeping pets safe from dangerous flowers this Mother’s Day. “Pet emergencies and incidents can occur when curious pets eat gifts such as flowers and chocolates,” advises Sally Jaques, pet insurance expert at GoCompare. “It is very important owners consider whether the gifts they purchase are 'pet-friendly' and make sure they take the precautions needed to keep these out of reach of their pets.”

Pet owners are also advised to contact a vet immediately, should they realise that their cat or dog has ingested or have been affected by such gifts. So before buying a beautiful bouquet for mum, here are some of the most popular flower varieties that will harm your pets:

  • Lilies – These are extremely poisonous, especially for cats. If ingested or even licked, this flower can cause toxic poisoning and kidney failure. 
  • Tulips – Toxic for both dogs and cats, symptoms could lead to vomiting, diarrhoea, hypersalivation, and even depression.
  • Pink roses – Can cause upset stomachs if ingested by pets. 
  • Orchids – As pretty as they are, they can result in tummy aches and vomiting when eaten by cats or dogs. 
  • Hydrangea – These are dangerous to both cats and dogs as they contain cyanide. While not fatal, it can cause vomiting, diarrhoea and even depression. 
  • Daffodil – This spring flower is extremely toxic to pets. The bulbs are particularly poisonous and when ingested can cause severe vomiting and health complications.

If you want to opt for a safer bouquet, flowers such as sunflowers, roses with no thorns, petunia, freesia or snapdragons are pet-friendly.

Cynthia Lawrence

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