Trainer reveals three things she would never do with her dog — and number two is crucial

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When it comes to owning a dog, there's so much conflicting advice out there that it can sometimes be difficult to discern what kinds of things are and aren't okay to be doing with our canine companions. 

For example, when it comes to practical tips for training your dog on your own, some professionals suggest putting in a good hour or so every day of the week, while others say a few minutes a day is enough to see positive results. 

Then there are those who are staunch promoters of how to teach your dog to heel, while other trainers say there are way more important skills your pup needs to learn.

No wonder we pet parents get so confused! 

Thankfully, more and more trainer's are being open when it comes to sharing things they would never do with their own dog.

And in her latest Instagram video, that's exactly what expert canine trainer Amelia Steele is doing. Check it out below or read on to find out three things you want to steer clear of...

1. Walk them off leash near the road: "I see so many people in my area walking their dogs up the sidewalk off leash right next to a busy road," says Steele. "For me, this just isn't something I would ever do. No matter how well trained your dog is you just never know what might happen one day that could spook the dog and cause them to run out in the road."

2. Pull a prank or antagonize them: "I've seen so many trends going around that are just a one way ticket to getting bitten," Steele says. "Things like barking in your dog's face or even covering their bowl with saran wrap and seeing how they react. 

"All of these things can really break down the relationship between you and your dog and can even lead to dogs biting people. I want my dogs to be able to trust me and I don't want them to be on edge when I'm around so I would never ever try one of these internet trends or pranks on them."

3. Play with them using a laser pen: According to Steele, laser pens can cause severe neurological issues, including canine OCD. "Because dogs don't understand that it's something they can't catch, it can cause a lot of frustration and it can be extremely detrimental to their mental health," she explains. Check out our guide to the best dog toys for our favorite safe alternatives. 

So, there you have it — three things an expert trainer would never do with her dog.

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