Vet technician shares five tips to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree

Bengal cat looks out from the branches of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with red glass balls and garlands of lights
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It's a classic Christmas dilemma: Cat owner brings home tree, sets it up, decorates it beautifully, steps back to admire it, and then moments later their feline friend knocks the baubles off, attempts to clamber up it, and gets caught in a string of lights.

If you've ever had this experience, then you don't need us to tell you how important it is to be aware of the ways to cat-proof a Christmas tree!

And thankfully, there's plenty you can do to protect your tree and your feline friend this festive season.

Experienced vet technician Tabitha Kucera has shared a helpful post on Instagram where she reveals her top five tips for keeping cats out of Christmas trees. And we'll be trying all of them!

1. Give your cat a Christmas tree alternative: Kucera recommends placing a sturdy and tall scratcher in the same room as your tree. "Reward your cat for climbing and scratching acceptable vertical spaces," she says.

"In some cases, the only vertical space in the main living space is a Christmas tree, that's why it's crucial to provide various vertical spaces for your cats year-round in rooms you and your family spend the most time in."

2. Provide them with things that are safe to chew: Cats tend to chew out of curiosity or to aid digestion, so to prevent them from nibbling on your tree Kucera suggests purchasing cat-safe greenery, such as cat grass. 

3. Set up comfortable cat resting areas under the tree: Kucera says cat tunnels, cat beds, and horizontal scratching boards are all great options. "This helps to provide comfortable resting areas while also preventing them from climbing up the Christmas tree."

4. Fence the tree off: "Use baby gates and pens around the tree to keep young children, dogs, and cat safe while also preventing the tree from getting knocked down," Kucera advises.

5. Make your tree as sturdy as possible: "Secure the Christmas tree with a wide and sturdy base, securing the tree from the middle and/or tops as well."

So there you have it, five simple things you can do to ensure that all the family (furry friends included!) can safely enjoy this holiday season. 

And for more great tips to keep your cat out of places they shouldn't be, our vet's guide to can you train a cat has got you covered.

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