Want to foolproof your dog’s mobility? Trainer reveals a ridiculously easy exercise to help you out

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Your dog's health and mobility are just as important as your own. Whether you have a sprightly young pup or a cherished older pooch, ensuring their physical well-being is a top priority. 

For growing dogs, proper development and body awareness are vital. Meanwhile, senior dogs who only choose to get up when their bowl of the best dry dog food is put out, also benefit from maintaining their mobility and preventing joint issues. Fortunately, there's an incredibly easy exercise that can help dogs of all ages. It's a practice that not only improves your dog's physical health, but also deepens your bond through training.

Melissa Goodman, a certified dog trainer trained at the Victoria Stilwell Academy For Dog Training & Behavior champions the exercise, which is all about going from a sit or down position to a stand, an exercise that targets various muscle groups and fosters body awareness.

In a video posted to the Mission Pawsitive Instagram page, she shows the process with her canine companion, Parker. Watch below…

To execute Goodman's exercise for improving your dog's mobility, start with your dog in a sitting or lying down position. Then, using treats encourage them to transition smoothly into a standing position without moving sideways or sitting again. While it may seem basic, the benefits it offers are substantial.

Goodman emphasizes in the video, "It is not only a handy skill, but also great for physical development, body awareness, and mobility, especially for large breeds and breeds that are prone to joint issues."

She notes in the post's caption that teaching your dog to go from a down position to a stand, and vice versa, can be initially challenging. Dogs might naturally want to sit before standing, which is a common response. However, with practice and patience, you can help your pup master the movement.

Apart from the exercise's health benefits, it also has practical applications in everyday life. For example, teaching your dog to stand on cue can make grooming sessions easier and more pleasant for both you and your pet. It can also simplify the process of putting on a leash or harness if your dog tends to sit during these moments.

Goodman's mobility exercise is a reminder that training goes beyond merely correcting behavior or teaching tricks. It can significantly contribute to your dog's physical health and well-being. Just as we humans engage in exercises to stay fit and mobile, our canine family members can too benefit from targeted physical activities.

Jessica Downey
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