Watch: Sweet Doberman becoming a child's veterinary patient is too adorable

Doberman facts: Doberman sitting down
(Image credit: Getty Images)

An adorable Reddit post showing a young kid practicing veterinary skills on a patient Doberman Pinscher has gone viral, and for good reason. 

Shared by u/Thund3rbolt21, the minute-long video has no sound, but you don't need sound to see just how adorable this is. A young kid with several toy doctor tools like a reflex hammer and sphygmomanometer (or blood pressure monitor), sits outside on a lounge chair with presumably his Doberman Pinscher. 

He gently tapes the Doberman's legs with the reflex hammer before the dog offers him his paw. For the entire duration of the video, the Doberman barely moves, sitting patiently while being gently poked and prodded. Watch below, and try not to say "aww" out loud. 

future_vet_and_his_patient from r/aww

We don't know if the child in the video wants to actually become a veterinarian, but it seems like they'd make a great one. They are gentle and kind and genuinely seem to love their dog. And as far as the Doberman Pinscher goes, this is actually pretty typical behavior for the breed. 

As we point out in our list of surprising Doberman facts, they are in fact the fifth smartest dogs according to canine psychologist Stanley Coren. 

Dobermans learn five times faster than other breeds and can learn almost 50 words in our language. They are a working breed, which means they love to have a job to do - and from the Reddit video, it's clear that this Doberman's job is permanent patient. 

Dobermans are also incredibly loyal dogs, so their bond with their families is very deep and intense. They're considered great family dogs, and are especially great with kids if they've been raised alongside them. And while the breed tends to have high energy, this Doberman has clearly been trained well so that it can remain calm and collected around a young child. 

This Reddit video is certainly adorable, but it's also a fantastic testament to the wonderful Doberman Pinscher breed and how great of a family dog they can be when properly trained. Here's hoping that the child in the video goes on to become a veterinarian and names his practice after his adorable Doberman.